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Uncovering the Agendas of Angels, Demons & Aliens in the World Today—GSIC 2024

Dani Henderson is the author of Angels, Demons, and Aliens (2023), where she writes about her lifetime of direct physical encounters with benevolent and malevolent entities that have appeared to her since early childhood. She is the organizer of the premier global contactee event of 2024, the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection (GSIC), which brings together leading extraterrestrial contactees, secret space program witnesses, pioneering health researchers, breakthrough technology inventors, and exopolitics researchers.

In her third Exopolitics Today interview, Henderson begins by discussing how demonic entities manipulate humanity through compromised elites in secret “Satanic” societies that target talented young people and how these corrupt elite activities are being exposed by heroic individuals who dare to stand up to their former oppressors. She further explains how corrupt alien groups, such as as Grays (aka Nebu) are able to compromise inexperienced human channelers to spread disinformation and confusion.

Finally, Henderson discusses the extraordinary contributions of different presenters at the upcoming GSIC 2024 Conference in exposing corrupt elite and alien agendas, and revealing the truth about benevolent extraterrestrials (angels) who are helping prepare humanity for an incredible Star Trek future involving life-changing technologies and cultural and trade relations with interstellar societies.

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