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Summoning ETs, Out-of-Body Experiences & Consciousness Travel to the Stars

Dr. Franceen King had a UFO encounter in 1972 with her husband after telepathically summoning extraterrestrials while living in Washington DC. Her interest in paranormal phenomena and consciousness studies led to her meeting with famed Israeli psychic Uri Geller and Dr. Andrija Puharich before the 1974 publication of Uri. She read Robert Monroe’s first book, Journeys Out of Body, soon after its 1971 release, which provided a road map for out-of-body experiences and consciousness expansion.

Dr. King’s interest in Out of Body experiences led to her becoming an instructor with the Monroe Institute in 1986. She has since led over 360 retreats in Virginia and around the world that involve consciousness expansion and out-of-body experiences. She has developed three Starlines courses all of which prepare individuals for Out of Body experiences deep into space and other galaxies. Dr. Michael Salla recently completed a Starlines course and in this interview they discuss the many benefits of individuals using their consciousness to travel through space to encounter extraterrestrial life and celestial bodies.

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