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The Exoconsciousness Factor in Connecting with Extraterrestrial Life and Technology

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Ph.D., has written three books on exoconsciousness – the critical factor in successfully interacting with extraterrestrial life and technology. In this Exopolitics Today interview, she discusses how her childhood contact experiences with extraterrestrials directly influenced her in later developing the idea of ‘exoconsciousness’; and appreciating its importance in developing latent abilities and achieving one’s fullest potential.

Dr. Hardcastle explains how exoconsciousness can be developed by anyone willing to overcome their self-limitations and how some individuals are born with an abundance of exoconsciousness, allowing them to safely interact with alien technologies. Finally, she explains the importance of developing exoconsciousness as an alternative to transhumanism and AI for dealing with all the challenges that confront humanity in the future.

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