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Creation of Space Arks and their History on Earth: Interview with Elena Danaan

In her January 29, 2024, Star Nations News, Elena Danaan shares two updates from extraterrestrial sources familiar with the history of space arks and their essential functions. The updates confirm that massive space arks have played vital roles in Earth’s history and are poised to do so again by rising from their hiding places and appearing before the world in ways that will immediately end the secrecy system. Such an event would amount to catastrophic disclosure for the Deep State and those unprepared for the existence of extraterrestrials and Inner Earth civilizations.

The first update is from Akvaaru, an ambassador of the Galactic Federation of Worlds to the Alcyone star system, who describes how the Federation has built fleets of massive space arks for use in planetary crises in the Pleiades and other solar systems. The second update is from Oona, a representative of the Altean civilization that is part of the Intergalactic Confederation (aka Seeders).

Oona shares important details about the history of space arks on Earth in terms of their construction, operations, and advanced technologies. Importantly, she describes how the arks are specially constructed to be operated by a crew with a unique combination of genetics and consciousness. Only crew members can operate the arks, and they incarnate on worlds where the arks are hidden and resurface to take control of the arks at the right time. Critically, she says that crews are highly sought after and must remain hidden to escape capture. Critically, she corroborates information from a US Army insider, JP, that the arks will eventually begin to rise from their hiding places to be seen by everyone.

In this interview, Elena Danaan elaborates on key points from the respective updates from Akvaaru and Oona and the prospects of disclosure happening soon. Crucially, she explains how the space arks cannot be taken over by those without the right genetics. Also, Danaan explains how a British scientific establishment plan for disclosing the existence of extraterrestrial life is consistent with a disclosure plan devised by the Galactic Federation. Finally, Danaan discusses a recent spate of Moonquakes and asserts these are likely a result of massive infrastructure projects that are underway.

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