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Exopolitics Today – Week in Review – July 15, 2023

US Congress takes action on UFOs, Anunnaki History & the Bible, China’s Space Navy & reverse aging

In the July 15 edition of Exopolitics Today – Week in Review – Congressman Tim Burchett reveals in new interviews that he’s seen classified files on otherworldly UFOs that can travel underwater and can obliterate Earth’s defenses. New empirical data shows China’s shipbuilding capacities far exceed the US Navy, suggesting China’s Space Navy is growing rapidly. The origins and history of the Anunnaki, and their connection to the Bible and UFOs are discussed in new interviews with Elena Danaan and Paul Wallis. US Space Command will soon get a new Commander who is familiar with agreements with extraterrestrial visitors. Finally, the US Senate proposes legislation to physically remove recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft from the possession of corporations, and hand these over to the Pentagon and Space Command.

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