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Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – October 28

Week in Review Topics

  • Members of the US Congress learn little from DoD Inspector General on recovered UFOs and NHI
  • Why Files discusses supersoldiers, “20 and Back” SSPs & Corey Goode
  • Australian Spaceports to be used for US rocket launches is a cover for SSPs under AUKUS
  • Highlights of Jean Charles Moyen at 2023 Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection
  • Conversation with Thor Han Eredyon about the Hub, Moon, Ukraine and Palestine
  • New information about MH370 and Diego Garcia
  • Newest Signatories to China’s Lunar Research Program shows political rather than scientific agenda
  • Dr Sean Kirkpatrick, head of All-domain Anomalous Resolution Office outed as UFO Gatekeeper
  • Timothy Alberino heads to Peru to investigate alleged extraterrestrial encounters
  • JP Update – Mission to Nordic Inner Earth Civilization for Life Extension Tech
  • Australia’s Dept of Def ignored 5 Eyes UAP Briefing
  • New Webinar – Exopolitics State of the Planet – Nov 25

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Australia, Corey Goode, Jean Charles Moyen, Peru, Thor Han Eredyon, Timothy Alberino, UFOs, US Congress