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Extraterrestrial Life & Technology in Vedic India and its relevance today

Come Carpentier is an international relations author and researcher who has spent 50 years traveling to, and living in, Delhi, India, and has become an expert on ancient Vedic texts, philosophy, and culture. In addition, he is familiar with the history of Eurasia and the many wars between competing civilizations.

In his second Exopolitics Today interview, Carpentier answers questions about what ancient Vedic texts tell us about the different ages of humanity; celestial wars impacting humanity; flying cities and their connection to extraterrestrial motherships; extraterrestrial life and technology; hybrid warriors or supersoldiers; and the legendary Rishi Kings and their connection to Ascended Masters. Finally, he discusses how ancient Vedic texts are being increasingly studied today by Indian scientists who are interested in reverse engineering the technologies the texts describe for India’s modern space program.

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