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Supersoldiers and Ascended Masters Webinar – Recording Now Available

Over the last two decades, multiple individuals have come forward to reveal their recruitment and training as supersoldiers used in secret space programs, and for armed encounters with extraterrestrial entities. The use of supersoldiers goes back centuries. The governing elites struck secret deals to have a cadre of specially trained soldiers ready to battle either against or alongside Reptilian, Gray, or other “service-to-self” extraterrestrial visitors. These deals would maintain the secrecy system designed to hide the truth about extraterrestrial visitors from the rest of humanity and perpetuate a hierarchical system of global governance.

During the same historical period, there have also been reports of highly evolved humans, aka ‘Ascended Masters’, who have worked with service-to-other extraterrestrials to help the rest of humanity evolve into an open, free, and egalitarian civilization. Individuals who have chosen to walk the path of Ascended Mastery display a remarkable degree of “Unity Consciousness,” and a profound understanding of a cosmic force called Vril or Phryll that leads to enhanced abilities such as spontaneous healing, teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

As humanity awakens to the truth of an extraterrestrial presence that the Deep State has long hidden, we are confronted with the choice of which path to walk as individuals and as collectives. Will the bulk of humanity remain asleep and unwittingly support the creation of cyborg supersoldiers who are technologically enhanced to embark on imperial wars alongside their service-to-self extraterrestrial masters? Or will countless individuals awaken, choosing to become Ascended Masters or Jedi Knights working alongside the service-to-other extraterrestrials to bring balance and harmony to our planet, solar system, and beyond?

Join Dr. Michael Salla in his next exciting webinar as he comprehensively lays the fundamental pathways opening up before us as humanity encounters the astonishing truth involving the extraterrestrial presence, and the incredible planetary transformation such disclosure will bring about as we openly enter into Galactic Society.

Webinar Now Available on:

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