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Yahweh, Yeshua and the Extraterrestrial Connection: Interview with Corina Pataki

Corina Pataki is the author of four books that examine the foundations of spirituality, biblical traditions, discovering one’s divine blueprint, and is also a Christian minister. She cites biblical texts to support her claim that the entity called Yahweh in the Old Testament is not the same “Father” that Yeshua (aka Jesus Christ) prayed to but is, in fact, an extraterrestrial imposter with Reptilian genetics. She further adds that Yahweh is the very same Sky God, Enlil, worshipped by the ancient Sumerians, who caused the Great Flood and much human suffering throughout the ages.

In her second Exopolitics Today interview, Pataki describes her journey to understanding and writing about the core message of Christianity and understanding the connection to extraterrestrial life. She agrees with recently discovered Gnostic Christian texts that Yeshua taught how to find one’s inner light as the key to salvation rather than teaching followers to worship an external light—including Yeshua himself. Pataki also discusses the mysterious Order of Melchizedek, its foundation by Enoch’s descendants, and how the heavenly realms relate to exterrestrial organizations such as the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Finally, she agrees that Yeshua was very likely an extraterrestrial hybrid or baby dropped off to help humanity evolve.

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