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Nephilim Giants and the Secret War in Laos – Interview with Brad Olsen

Brad Olsen recently returned from the Plain of Jars in Laos, where he investigated megalithic stone jars up to 9 feet (3 meters) in height that local legends connect with ancient giants living in the area. There are currently just over 1300 of the mysterious jars remaining after an intense bombing campaign during the secret war conducted by the US against Laos since 1964. In addition to carpet bombing the Ho Chi Minh trail used to resupply the Viet Cong, Olsen believes that the secret war set out to destroy archeological evidence of giants who are the legendary Nephilim described in ancient religious texts.

The Nephilim are described in texts such as the Book of Enoch, as the genetic byproduct of 200 Fallen Angels (aka extraterrestrials) interbreeding with humans. Olsen believes the Nephilim giants were active all over the world and could reach heights of 20 feet (6.5 meters) or more, as well as live for well over a thousand years as described in the Sumerian King’s List. Importantly, he asserts that most of the giants were sterile as they resulted from interbreeding between two distinct species, humans and extraterrestrials, and died out over millennia due to natural causes or pogroms by local humans.

However, Olsen maintains that some giants did have breeding capacity and continue to live in small hidden communities around the world, such as the Kandahar Valley in Afghanistan and the Plain of Jars prior to the bombing campaign.

Olsen also acknowledges that giant Anunnaki scientists may be hidden in stasis chambers who will soon awaken to share their advanced knowledge to help usher in a golden age for humanity. He believes that the Deep State may have the goal of destroying the local habitats of areas where surviving giants live or lay dormant in the hope of preventing them openly appearing to the public, and sharing their accumulated wisdom with the rest of humanity.

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