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One Day to Go for the Exopolitical State of the Planet Webinar

We are in a precarious state as a planet due to the ongoing war in Israel-Palestine that can quickly spiral out of control with a contrived military attack on Iran that drags in other great powers such as Russia and China. Despite the Ukraine war nearing its long-predicted end game—a decisive Russian military victory—the Deep State is ready to launch false flag attacks in the US and Europe that will be blamed on Iran to bring about a Gog and Magog End Times war. Rumors are swirling that coordinated attacks on up to 17 US cities are being planned as terrorist cells embedded within the massive waves of illegal immigrants are activated. However, due to increased public awareness of Deep State shenanigans, such a contrived sequence of events is likely to fail. This leads to the possibility that the Deep State will finally play the false flag alien invasion card. How does all this impact the prospects of UFO and extraterrestrial disclosure as we enter into 2024?

In my July 8, 2023 conversation with Thor Han Eredyon from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, he said that UFO disclosure will be delayed until the middle of 2024, and there will be a period of civil unrest that will lead to direct military rule in the US and elsewhere as the Deep State collapses. Such a prognosis appears to be unfolding due to events in the Middle East and rumors of staged terrorist attacks in the US that would lead to chaos in major US cities. It’s not hard to envisage military White Hats taking action to restore law and order in major cities where local law enforcement is overwhelmed.

In addition, there is significant pushback against the passage of the UAP Disclosure Act for 2023 by Republican leaders. It’s now very possible that the UFO Disclosure Act won’t be passed or will be significantly diluted in scope as the Deep State desperately tries to stop UFO disclosure as it wants the public to be as unprepared as possible for what’s coming. This opposition to UFO disclosure is another sign that the Deep State plans to launch a false flag alien event that will only succeed if the public is caught unaware and unprepared. Once again, such a contrived event is doomed to fail, but that is unlikely to stop the Deep State from trying to burn the proverbial house down rather than giving it back to its rightful owners.

Join me tomorrow as I do a deep dive into all these issues in my first Exopolitical State of the Planet webinar. While there is much to be concerned about what the future will bring, I’m confident that all will turn out well as the Earth Alliance and our galactic friends cooperate in neutralizing Deep State machinations, and finally disclose the truth that we are not alone and have many galactic friends to help us deal with planetary contingencies.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.  

New 2.5 Hour Webinar

Date: November 25, 2023 — 11 am (PDT), 2 pm (EDT), 6 pm (GMT)

Length: 2-hour presentation, plus 30 min Q & A

Cost: $35*

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