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Remote Viewing Ancient Sites and Extraterrestrial Contact

John Vivanco has been a professional remote viewer for over 25 years and has gained highly accurate results on a range of targets that have both pleased corporate/government clients but also antagonized government agencies that did not wish a civilian-run remote viewing organization to be successful. He and a team of remote viewers have recently gained surprising data on ancient technologies and knowledge hidden at megalith sites dating from the Atlantean era that include Egypt, and Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. Among the most surprising discoveries is that stone sarcophagi found at the Serapeum in Saqquara, Egypt were used for interstellar communication and possibly even transferring consciousness from an avatar body on Earth to one in distant star systems such as Sirius.

Vivanco’s team has also remote viewed the famed Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala state, India which contains information and artifacts connected to Vimanas and flying cities. He has also gained important data on cryptoterrestrial beings such as the Naga (aka snake people) and dogman who live in underground locations or in interdimensional realms. Finally, he shared information about the accuracy of remote viewing future events versus past events, the latter of which yield much more reliable data.

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