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Remote Viewing Area 51 and Crop Circle Investigations – Interview with Dr Simeon Hein

Dr. Simeon Hein has been using remote viewing techniques and investigating crop circles for nearly 30 years after being initially skeptical of both phenomena. He has trained under some of the best remote viewers in the USA and now conducts his own classes. In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Dr. Hein describes his journey to understanding the accuracy of remote viewing as an intelligence-gathering tool using blind and double-blind protocols.

He gives examples of some of the many cases where remote viewers have successfully described their targets, one of which included the infamous Groom Lake Area 51 facility. The female remote viewer was a UFO abductee which raises interesting questions about whether extraterrestrials are involved in upgrading individual psychic abilities. He asserts that any individual can acquire similar remote viewing skills if trained correctly.

Dr. Hein’s crop circle investigations have led to him confirming unique energy patterns and frequencies coming from crop circles, regardless of whether they are UFO-related or man-made. He has documented how crop circles have interfered with various scientific instruments used to measure their frequency and electronic signatures. He has incorporated many of his remote viewing discoveries and crop circles investigations into four books he has authored, which will be discussed in future interviews.

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