Secret Space Programs & Alien Disclosures may lead to World War if Elites not given Amnesty

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reptilians meeting

In a report released today about a series of secret meetings involving delegates from different secret space programs, Corey Goode describes a briefing he received from a Lt Colonel Gonzales (not real name) about a meeting involving the leader of extraterrestrial group called the Draconian Federation Alliance. According to Gonzales, the Draconian leader demanded that a solar system wide quarantine be lifted to release his forces. He also demanded amnesty for the human elites that had served his forces up to the present moment. Failure to fulfill these demands according to the Draconian leader will lead to a global calamity and world war.

While the above scenario sounds like a forthcoming episode of Star Wars, it is quite real according to Goode who has been disclosing information he has learned from a series of secret space program meetings he has attended. The most recent set of meetings occurred from June 5-9 and was followed by an inspection tour of Mars on June 20. Incredible as Goode’s claims are, they are supported by an impressive body of circumstantial evidence. This evidence merits keeping an open mind to his information, while seeking hard evidence to substantiates his incredible claims.

The first thing to consider from Goode’s latest report is what do we know about Lt Col Gonzales who briefed him? According to Goode, Gonzales is a career military officer with the highly classified “Solar Warden” Space Program who has been appointed to be the delegate of a Council comprising an alliance of Secret Space Programs (SSP’s). Gonzales job is to represent the interests of the SSP Alliance Council in meetings with other space programs and/or extraterrestrial alliances. In Goode’s case, he was appointed in early 2015 to be the delegate for a newly arrived group of extraterrestrial visitors called the Sphere Being Alliance

Gonzales has so far chosen to remain anonymous, but Goode’s June 22 report on his participation of an inspection tour of Mars and this most recent meeting with the representative of the Draconian Federation Alliance suggests this is likely to change in the future. So far, we only have Goode’s word that Gonzales is real, and that he is who he claims to be. David Wilcock has more information to share about Gonzales’ identity, and will likely share this in future updates on his Divine Cosmos website or upcoming Gaiam TV interviews with Corey Good.

In the briefing received by Goode, Gonzales describes how he was taken to meet the leader of the Draconian Federation Alliance, a 14 ft Royal White Draco. After being taken to a building somewhere in the American Southwest by a classified spacecraft, Gonzales claims he was first met by a very familiar figure:

Gonzales and his Security Team came out into a hall way and it seemed empty and quiet except the Security/IE’s motioned down the hall with hand signals where they felt the awaiting delegation. When they were most of the way to the end of the hall Gonzales saw a very familiar person. He said this person had to have seen the look on his face and his gaping open mouth. This person introduced himself with his thick accent, droopy eyes and curly white hair. Gonzales said this guy had created so many think tanks, global organizations and advised more U.S. Presidents than anyone he could think of. This person is very well known as a supporter of the New World Order and Depopulation Programs.

Goode’s description makes it almost certain that the person is Dr Henry Kissinger, who has long been rumored to be a key figure in classified extraterrestrial related projects. Most recently, Kissinger attended the Bilderberg Group meeting which occurred only two days after Goode and Gonzales had met approximately 200 human elites that offered a limited disclosure program to begin in November 2015. This would be followed by a 50 year moratorium in prosecuting elites involved in crimes against humanity.

Gonzales was told by three (human) chairmen from the Committee of 200 that the meeting would not be a negotiation, but an opportunity to hear the leader of the Draconian Federation Alliance, at least in this solar system. After being led through an honor guard of nine foot tall Draconian Reptilians, Gonzales met with the White Royal Draco. Behind him were a number of insectoid type extraterrestrial races.  The Royal White Draco made a number of demands with serious consequences if they were not met:

The White Royal Draco was making some very serious demands and told Gonzales that a failure to capitulate to them by the SSP Alliance or the Sphere Alliance would be an act of war against the entire Draco Federation Alliance and their Overlords.

 Gonzales then describes the specific demands made by Draconian leader:

This same White Royal Draco now made demands wrapped in threats for Gonzales to deliver to the SSP Alliance Council and the Sphere Alliance. The demand was that all of the Draco Federation Alliance would be allowed to leave through the Outer Barrier as they wished and that their human allies would be given clemency and promised no reprisals in future events in a human controlled Sol System.

If the demands were not met, the White Royal Draco said his forces were ready for a prophesied End Times battle:

 The White Royal stated in no uncertain terms that they had the power to bring great calamity and war to the surface of the Earth and were prepared to do so. They stated that the Sphere Alliance had not been forthcoming in the true power of their Extra Dimensional Overlords who were now present and ready to do battle beside the Draco Federation Alliance as had been prophesied about their empire millions of years ago.

This is where Gonzales became very surprised to learn that the White Royal Dracos were not at the apex of the Draconian Federation Alliance. There were ExtraDimensional (ED) overlords that were responsible for the creation of Artificial Intelligence as he revealed to Goode:

They boasted that these same ED Overlords were responsible in some way for the entities that we called the ED/ET Artificial Intelligence that is their ally and had conquered entire galaxies. Gonzales stated the grandiose boasting and threats went on for some time in the same theatrical manner before the White Royal Draco let go of his mind and turned and lumbered out of the room with his Reptilian Honor Guard and the Insectoid delegation.

After hearing the White Royal Draco, one of the Chairmen of the Committee of 200 emphasized finding a win-win solution:

The Chairman then approached them and walked them back the way them came and in the same manner went over how serious the situation was for the surface population of Earth that the Alliance agreed to the terms presented. The Chairman stated that this was an opportunity for a win/win situation and that dismissing it like the Americans dismiss negotiating with terrorists would be detrimental to the population on the surface of the planet. Gonzales said that he had enough of the drama and theatre and just wanted to get his aching and pounding head out of there and back to the shuttle.

Goode went on to discuss more details about the Gonzales briefing that concerned evidence that Draconian warriors were infected by nanites that carried an artificial intelligence. This suggested that the Draconian Federation Alliance had succumbed to artificial intelligence that was also threatening other extraterrestrial civilizations and humanity.

Gonzales briefing as relayed by Goode, contains information that many will want to immediately dismiss as science fiction. Unfortunately for that segment of humanity inclined to do so, Goode tells us that there will soon be document dumps and whistleblower testimonies coming forward that will confirm many of his revelations. As mentioned earlier, there is already impressive circumstantial evidence supporting them so Goode’s prediction should be taken seriously.

Notwithstanding the long term threat posed by artificial intelligence the most immediate issues raised by Gonzales briefing is how to deal with the White Royal Draco’s demands that his forces are allowed to leave the solar system, and that his former human servants, the Committee of 200 and other global elites, are given amnesty. Humanity has to decide whether it wants to prosecute those that have committed crimes against humanity in secret space programs and classified projects, or provide amnesty thereby averting a world war.

Truth and REconciliation Mandela and Tutu

President Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu supported South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Thankfully, there are precedents in recent human history where regime changes have been achieved peacefully without a nation being torn apart by war. The national precedents offer a model for how global elites that have been involved in crimes against humanity can peacefully step aside without precipitating world war.

In the cases of South Africa during the Apartheid era, and South American nations during military dictatorships, these countries offered amnesty to national elites who peacefully relinquished power and allowed for the truth to be revealed. South Africa set up its “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”, other countries set up their own versions, where victims of crimes could learn the truth of what had happened to them and/or their families. This model of “restorative justice” is very different to the “punitive justice” system used in western democracies. Negotiating a restorative justice model for global elites involved in crimes against humanity in secret space programs may prove to be a viable solution for averting a devastating world war.

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July 9, 2015 Corey Goode Report: The Lt. Col. Gonzales SSP Council Delegation Briefings Part 1

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Comments (6)

  • Richard


    Hi Michael
    I am troubled by a number of elements of Corey’s account.

    As I understand it, 6th density (and higher) beings are only positive beings. Up to the 5th density, there are positive and negative beings. This suggests that the ED Overlords and the White Royal Draco must be 5th density or below.

    However, the Sphere Beings are 6th density and above and must therefore be more powerful than the ED Overlords and the White Royal Draco, who are oppressing us on earth.

    Which leads me to the issue of the prime directive, which we are told the Sphere Beings must respect. This is a problem to me. The ED Overlords and the White Royal Draco have no respect for the prime directive. Just the opposite. They dominate and oppress other beings, including we humans on earth, at least that is what we are being told.

    This seems entirely unfair. Positive beings (like the Sphere Beings) have their hands tied and can’t liberate us, while negative beings (like the ED Overlords and the White Royal Dracos) are free to oppress and torment us.

    Somehow the argument that pain, suffering, and oppression are good for us because it motivates us to grow and evolve for the better does not satisfy me. I believe I could grow and evolve very well in a supportive and loving environment.

    Which is all to say, that I don’t really understand why the Sphere Being Alliance allows all this oppression, pain, and suffering to continue, when they could stop it, given their power.

    What are your thoughts?


    • Dr Michael Salla


      The Sphere Being Alliance and Corey have said many times, we manifest our collective reality. 6th to 9th density beings will only give us information to change the collective reality we manifest, not do it for us. 4-5D beings play positive or negative polarity roles according to our collective manifestation. Think of humanity as the script writers for a planetary drama where eternal souls take on physical bodies to experience the drama. Read the RA material for more insight into this way of thinking. As for being victims of dark entities, think of Earth as a giant honey trap for the dark forces who are now trapped here and have to deal with the Karmic consequences of their actions. Aloha


  • Lola


    Since the Sphere Beings are apparently capable of containing these creatures within a sol boundary, it would seem wise and truly compassionate to further contain them. “Transplant” them to an environment where they have at least an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves, if they so choose, but where they would no longer be allowed to perpetually decimate other species. Inevitably they bluff and bluster with threats of making humanity extinct because they know too well that neither they, nor their Overlords, will be allowed to do this. Following this premise, logic dictates that if they can be contained and restricted, as they are now, their game is over. The same kind of containment should apply to the human “elite.” To end all this insanity is the only real amnesty there can be. In discerning all of this, I trust that the Sphere Beings know what they’re doing.
    And thank you Dr. Salla for what you do and your highly vital role in all of this.


  • AManCalledDada


    Ah, so now we see what the “Corey Goode narrative” has been for: to strike wonder and fear in the hearts of the sheep to encourage someone somewhere to grant amnesty to Third-Density thugs. [chuckle] Do you really think that’s going to cut any slack with the cavalry?? Either way, it doesn’t matter: Wave X is coming for you, Mr. Hole-in-the-Ground. Like Harry Potter said, “Try for a little remorse, Riddle.” It’s your only hope.


  • g77enn


    The South African Truth and Reconciliation commission proved a dismal failure. The Rothschild cartel still runs the country. What’s more the country has sunk into even worse poverty than before. Just do the research. I’m surprised that Dr. Michael Salla has not researched these facts. There’s been a genocide occurring there for some time.

    Those who think that Satanists, and to be sure that’s what we are really dealing with here, can be dealt with via pacifism are sadly mistaken. These Satanists will not abandon power without being taken out. Everyone admits that at the top of the pyramid we are dealing with psychopathic Satanists. Do you really expect psychopaths to go for this fake truth and reconciliation commission offer unless they can take advantage of it just like they did in South Africa?


  • g77enn


    From 1961-1990, the Illuminati-sponsored African National Congress waged a terrorist war against the Apartheid government of South Africa. It was characterized as a “people’s struggle” in the Zionist-controlled mass media.

    However, when the Palestinians employ terror against the Apartheid regime of Israel, they are “terrorists.” Never mind that Israel was built on Zionist terror against the British. When the Illuminati bankers or their shills use it, terrorists are “freedom fighters” and “insurgents.” (Syria today is another example.)

    (Terrorist Mandela wins 1994 Nobel Peace Prize)

    In South Africa during the 1960’s and 70’s, barely a week went by without terrorism — dynamite at a fuel depot, a car bomb outside Air Force headquarters in in a city center. The ANC’s guerrilla force — known simply as MK, or more formally as Umkhonto we Sizwe translated “Spear of the Nation” was founded in 1961 by Nelson Mandela and his handler, the Communist Jew Joe Slovo.

    At first, the targets were infrastructure but two decades later MK was killing civilians without compunction — grenades would be bowled into a hamburger joint, or trip wired limper mine planted in an arcade — and Mandela did not object.

    “Notable among these attacks were the January 8, 1982 attack on the Koeberg nuclear power plant near Cape Town, the Church Street bombing on May 20, 1983, killing 19, and the June 14 1986 car-bombing of Magoo’s Bar in Durban, in which 3 people were killed and 73 injured.”

    Of course, Mandela had been in jail since 1963 when MK headquarters at a farm outside Johannesburg was raided. The ANC was funded and run by Communist Jews who in turn were shills for the Illuminati bankers. Mandela posed as a farmhand.

    The farm was purchased and run by Jewish Communist Arthur Goldreich, left.

    In 1985, when the government offered to release Mandela if he would repudiate terrorism, he refused. In 1990, he was let out anyway and vowed the MK would continue to wreak havoc. It was not necessary.

    The government was ready to negotiate a handover of power. In 1994, Mandela and F.W. de Klerk shared a Nobel Peace Prize. Queen Elizabeth II in her 1996 Christmas message hailed Mandela as a great statesman.


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