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Kettler defends alien UFO war claims – Truth Teller or Disinformation Asset?

Is the US Navy leading a naval coalition in an undeclared UFO war? Image Credit:
I recently wrote an article directly referring to John Kettler’s claims of a UFO war in Antarctica and the Pacific Ocean where a coalition of US led naval forces are battling hostile extraterrestrials. In it, I stated my reservations over his extraordinary claims, but did acknowledge one historic incident in 1947 where there did appear to be a genuine battle between Admiral Byrd’s Operation Highjump, and a mysterious group of UFOs. While the lack of supporting evidence suggests Kettler’s claims are part of a psychological operation promoting a false flag event, the 1947 incident was something to seriously consider before reaching any final conclusion. I concluded my article by writing:  “great vigilance is required on the part of those investigating claims of battles between a US led alliance of naval powers, and hostile extraterrestrials based in undersea bases in Antarctica and/or the Pacific Ocean.”

Kettler has just written another article titled: “UFO War–A Ghastly New Foe! Great Victories!”  In it he claims:

The UFO War has taken quite a turn since the Reptoid attack which cost the U.S. a frigate and 250+ people making the ship’s complement. In  shootdown after shootdown in which survivors have been recovered, there have been NO Reptoids  found. What has been found has driven one person, so far, to kill himself and sent others off the deep end. NOT kidding! … They call them Blobs.

Who are the “Blobs” battling the US Navy and allies? Kettler gives this assessment:

Blobs are intelligent, dexterous (observed deftly playing with a computer keyboard) and use technology highly advanced by our standards. Their antigravity craft, equally at home underwater or in the air, have no force fields, but whatever they’re made of, they’re very tough. Their engineering is superb. According to the Eloah, the Blobs have bases below fresh water, on the ocean bottom (pressure=5000 atmospheres at 30,000 foot depth) and underground. Blobs presently have no space travel capabilities, but they did in the past and are attempting to regain that capability.

What are the sources supporting Kettler’s extraordinary claims? According to Kettler, "the information here comes primarily from highly sensitive military, intelligence and scientific sources, supplemented by nonterrestrial ones. The government’s official policy is total and ongoing denial."

No where else in his article does Kettler describe or attempt to substantiate his sources. I decided to respond directly to Kettler’s latest article by posting a comment critical of his use of anonymous sources to support claims of a dangerous new extraterrestrial enemy battling US led naval forces. Here is what I wrote:

You say: "The information here comes primarily from highly sensitive military, intelligence and scientific sources, supplemented by nonterrestrial ones." There is a slippery slope when we use anonymous sources. When these sources take us down the negative ET route, then our BS meter needs to be refined accordingly. Why would anyone ONLY accept anonymous sources whose credibility, accuracy is not open to scrutiny by independent researchers? Dr Greer's Disclosure Project set a high standard by making public whistleblower reports where the sources could be checked, scrutinized, etc. That guaranteed that we weren't being spun a story or fed disinformation. That is the major problem with John Kettler's recent claims of a UFO war. No way of confirming any of Kettler's anonymous sources are legit, and not feeding him/us disinfo.

Kettler decided to respond at length. To see his full response, click here. I’ve extracted portions of his response to see whether they cast light on the legitimacy of his sources, and Kettler’s own credibility as a researcher exposing classified information dealing with extraterrestrial life.

In his response, Kettler began by giving details about his father’s background working for a military defense contractor, and then commented on his own professional experience working with both Rockwell and Hughes corporations for an eleven year period as stated in his bio. First, Kettler explained that he had received clearances for a Special Access Program:

At Rockwell, I worked on the B-1B, the Advanced Tactical Fighter, Advanced Close Air Support program and the crown jewel of Rockwell, the NASP, National Aerospace Plane, single stage to orbit, hydrogen powered craft which took off from and landed on runways. My work was handling the threats to the NDVs (NASP Derived Vehicles). This program was a SAP (Special Access Program) which addressed a family of military hypersonic vehicles covering Mach 4+-orbital. It had four levels of clearance, and I had all four.

This certainly would have given him knowledge with classified information pertaining to advanced aviation projects. He then went on to describe his highest level of clearance:

I’ve held TS clearance myself and was being cleared for TS/SCI (Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information) when I left Rockwell, my health in ruins, June 20, 1989…. In order to fool me, you’d have to be able to fake your way through an incredibly broad and diverse range of topics, and I can talk anything from hand grenades to deep space surveillance–for starters!

Kettler acknowledges that the highest security classification he attained while working at Rockwell and/or Hughes was Top Secret. So it is very strange indeed that he claims that he is able to vet people with Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) on a range of topics related to extraterrestrial life and technology. There is a very large gap between clearances for SAPs/SCI dealing with advanced aerospace projects, and classified projects dealing with extraterrestrial life. More importantly, one needs to be able to demonstrate need-to-know to gain access to information/projects outside their direct area of work. One can get an idea of how this system operates by reading about the case of Admiral Thomas Wilson, then head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who was denied access to a UFO/extraterrestrial project in 1997. Put simply, Wilson was unable to demonstrate that he had a need-to-know to gain access, even though he had access to most other highly classified projects and SCI known to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

If a Navy Admiral and intelligence chief is denied clearance for a highly classified alien related project since he could not demonstrate need-to-know, what chance would there be for a civilian contractor with aerospace companies to have access to information on covert alien programs? More to the point, having only ever gained a Top Secret clearance, would Kettler be qualified to vet anyone with SCI/classified alien information, to learn if they are telling him the truth? No, certainly not, but he claims that he is able to do so. In fact, Kettler claims that he has regular communications with people with SCI clearances dealing with the alien issue. He writes:

At the levels from which I get my stories, the information seldom leaves the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), in which no notes may be taken, no copies made, someone always has to be with you, and everything you see has to be signed for. At this stratospheric level, practically everything is carried in finely honed memories.

So Kettler claims that his sources have SCI clearance for alien related information, and have been secretly conveying this to him in clandestine communications. Relying on their memories of what they have witnessed, read or experienced, and Kettler’s own abilities to vet such information – while not having had direct access himself to such information – Kettler believes he is able to relay accurate information from his anonymous sources.

In conclusion, John Kettler is basically saying, “you need to trust me since I have the professional experience and skills to both ferret out the truth about alien related projects, and vet the sources relaying it. The truth is that hostile extraterrestrials are out there doing atrocious things, and the US Navy and its allies are heroically defending our way of life, and the world itself in an expanding war in the Pacific Ocean, and now in Antarctica.

Well sorry Mr Kettler, while there is no reason to doubt that your professional career exposed you to classified material on some advanced aerospace projects, this is a far cry from alien related projects that are deeply compartmentalized and hidden by strict need-to-know security procedures. According to whistleblowers who have chosen to come forward and reveal classified information about alien projects – for example, Philip Corso , Dan Sherman and Clifford Stone –  such projects have far higher clearance levels than anything related to advanced military or civilian aerospace projects. Sherman in particular points out that alien related projects are embedded within more conventional classified projects with SCI/SAP clearance levels, and use the latter as a cover. Without having had direct access to SCI on alien projects, how could Kettler possibly vet people who claim to have had such access? There is no reason to doubt Kettler’s sincerity that he has been told some amazing stories about aliens, but until such sources come forward, then there is a very strong possibility that he is being used as a means of disseminating disinformation.

John Kettler’s claims of an undeclared UFO war, backed up entirely by anonymous sources represents a diminishing standard of research in the field of UFOs and exopolitics. While it is understandable that some sources choose to remain anonymous for reasons of personal security, it is dangerous to rely exclusively on such sources. This is especially the case when it comes to claims concerning hostile extraterrestrials given evidence that plans for a false flag alien event have been planned for several decades. Kettler’s refusal to reveal sources concerning hostile extraterrestrials battling US led naval forces may be entirely to protect these from exposure and harm. Alternatively, Kettler is being used as a willing dupe in spreading disinformation concerning hostile extraterrestrials by sources that have been tasked to manipulate him as part of a psychological warfare operation. Kettler's reflexive response to my raising such a possibility suggests that it is more likely that he falls into the latter category of a disinformation asset, rather than a truth teller.

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