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Moon Secrets & Suppressing Breakthrough Space Technologies – David Adair Part 4

In the final interview in this series, David Adair discusses his career after leaving US Navy service, where he worked on multiple NASA space projects through its National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) to introduce innovative technologies. He describes how multiple inventions—including one that could have cured diabetes—were stifled, and the NTTC was starved of funding and political support. The setbacks led to Adair officially retiring in 2003 and working in his own private laboratory, where he built a robot with Artificial Intelligence. He warns about the dangers of AI and how the US military are naively falling into a trap where self-replicating AI robots could quickly take over the planet. Adair believes humanity’s best hope lies in positive extraterrestrials associated with Pitholem arriving in a fleet to bring about a catastrophic disclosure scenario, where they reveal the truth about life in the cosmos and share their advanced technologies.

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