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Investigating Daniel Salter’s USAF & NRO Career and UFO/ET Revelations – Part 2

Daniel Morris Salter worked for over 20 years with the USAF as an electronics communications expert and, in 1968, retired from active duty as a Command Sergeant Major—the highest rank for a non-commissioned officer. Early in his Air Force career, Salter had a UFO sighting in 1949, which propelled him to being offered a senior position in the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit – a top secret intelligence unit that investigated the UFO phenomenon. After his USAF retirement, he was recruited by the National Reconnaissance Office to work on extraterrestrial-related issues concerning covert UFO crash retrieval operations. His duties included silencing witnesses to crashed UFOs or extraterrestrial contact as part of a multitiered official intimidation program that began with verbal warnings, harassment and ended with assassination.

After more than a decade of working with the NRO, he retired. In 1993 he began revealing details of his experiences. Salter was among the Disclosure Project witnesses who gave video testimonies to Dr. Steven Greer and attended the latter’s famous May 2001 National Press Club Conference. In 2003, Salter wrote Life With a Cosmos Clearance, where he shared some of his direct knowledge of extraterrestrial contact and UFO history. In it, he discussed several leaked Majestic documents that he knew to be real, but could not directly confirm with his own direct experiences due to Non-Disclosure Agreements with the NRO and the threat of assassination. Significantly, Salter shared some of his experiences and insider knowledge with his two grandsons, Daniel and Derek, who both graduated as mechanical engineers and currently work in the engineering industry.

In their second Exopolitics Today interview, Daniel and Derek share new documents they recently received from the US National Archives about their grandfather with more details about his USAF career. They also discuss other UFO whistleblowers such as Clifford Stone, Steve Wilson, and Robert Dean; as well as crash retrieval programs such as Project Moondust, Project Blue Fly and Project Pounce. Finally, they share their views about corporate UFO reverse engineering efforts from whistleblowers such as David Grusch and Bob Lazar as a Limited Hangout as they don’t reveal the truth about reverse engineered antigravity spacecraft.

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