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One Week to What’s Coming in 2023 Webinar

What’s really behind Friday’s shooting down of an unknown flying object over Alaska and the China balloon incident from a week earlier? Why are these enigmatic incidents getting saturation mainstream media coverage focusing on unknown national security threats from the sky? What is the Deep State preparing us for and what are they trying to distract us from?

For a possible answer we can look to sources claiming secret deals have been struck between an Earth Alliance of space faring nations and extraterrestrial organizations for major disclosures to happen in 2023, concerning the existence of secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. Senior military and government officials are participating in clandestine meetings being held in highly classified facilities, the news of which is being released as part of a plan to accelerate official disclosure.

In addition, insiders report that ancient underground civilizations now plan to increasingly reveal themselves to surface humanity in 2023. These sources also tell how human looking extraterrestrials are working with inner Earth civilizations to openly show their antigravity spacecraft to the world, thereby putting an end to the Deep State’s secrecy system that has kept surface humanity in the dark for decades about our off-world and inner-earth brethren.

The Deep State knows that the Earth Alliance is working with positive extraterrestrials and inner Earth civilizations to reveal the latter’s existence. The Deep State is therefore projecting fear into the public domain about unknown flying objects, portraying them as national security threats to delay the inevitable – full disclosure!

In his first webinar for 2023, Dr. Michael Salla will review the incredible changes happening behind-the-scenes and provide details of how these are part of an unfolding disclosure plan developed by White Hats and positive extraterrestrial alliances. He will also reveal why the Deep State is doomed to fail in its desperate effort to prevent these life-changing events from happening. This webinar will prepare and inspire you for the amazing revelations about to happen and is not to be missed.

Webinar Completed on Feb 18, 2023

Recording now available on Brighteon & Vimeo(edited version without Q&A)

Also available on Crowdcast (unedited version with Q&A)


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