CIA Sanctioned Disclosure of Time Travel & Mars Bases in 2016 Presidential Bid

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CIA Sanctioned Presidential Run

In part two of this series, it was claimed that CIA “White Hats” had begun in 1980 to groom Barack Obama as a future U.S. President, while simultaneously grooming Andrew Basiago to follow him some time after into the White House.

Basiago’s path to the Presidency would follow a different trajectory than Obama’s more traditional grass roots political career in one of the two major U.S. political parties. Basiago would instead become a whistleblower and disclose his involvement in two classified programs – Project Pegasus and a CIA Jump Room Program to Mars. Basiago’s disclosure testimony would subsequently underpin his “Truth Campaign” to become U.S. President.

If Basiago’s claims are accurate about he and Obama being groomed as future Presidents, which includes what the CIA “White Hats” exposed Basiago to during his childhood and early adulthood, then what is the ultimate agenda of these alleged “White Hats”?

For an answer, we need to return to Basiago’s core claim that one of the purposes of the time travel technologies was to identify future U.S. Presidents. In part one, it was pointed out that during Project Pegasus, a number of U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents were “pre-identified” and then briefed by CIA/DARPA personnel, after which Basiago met them during informal lunches.

Later, during the Mars Jump Room training, Basiago claims that he and Obama were also pre-identified as future Presidents. This is a perplexing scenario given Basiago’s claim that he and Barack Obama were sent to Mars to basically only maintain a specified threshold of humans physically present, while escaping life threatening situations from marauding Martian predators. They were told:

 “Simply put, your task is to be seen and not eaten.”

Why would two allegedly pre-identified U.S. Presidents to come, be treated in such a dangerous and callous way?

One answer is that such experiences were part of the “grooming” of Obama and Basiago for their future roles. Both would be taught to fear the power of their CIA handlers, who had the power of life and death over them. Arguably, such experiences would make them more amenable to CIA influence if they succeeded in being voted into high political office.

Yet such an answer doesn’t satisfactorily explain why some pre-identified future Presidents would be exposed to a classified space program involving Mars, when other Presidents like Kennedy, Carter and Clinton, were denied access to similar information.

In the case of President Kennedy, his efforts to get access to classified UFO files were a direct factor in his assassination through the direct complicity of the CIA as discussed in the book, Kennedy’s Last Stand.

There is also credible testimony that President Carter was flatly denied access to classified UFO files by the outgoing Director of the CIA, George H.W. Bush.

In the case of President Clinton, he appointed a close friend, Webster Hubbell, to the third most senior Department of Justice position, in order to find answers to two questions: “One, who killed JFK? And two, are there UFOs?”

Why would Barack Obama, for example, have been given access to such highly classified information, when it was denied to Kennedy, Carter and Clinton?

Was Basiago subjected to mind control to make him believe events concerning Obama and teleportation to Mars occurred as he recalled, or was being told? In this regard, he does acknowledge “that people were brainwashed when they entered these kinds of projects and when they left.”

Did such brainwashing happen with Basiago? If so, it is possible that Basiago’s recollections of Barack Obama’s participation in the Mars Jump Room Project was contrived by his CIA handlers.

In part two, it was pointed out that investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, in 2010, was the first to raise the possibility that Obama was groomed by the CIA to become a future President. Was Basiago brainwashed to include the Mars teleportation element to Obama’s background to muddy the waters so Madsen’s earlier claim could be more easily discredited?

While possible, there is significant evidence supporting Basiago’s version of events here.

Obama did attend Occidental College in Los Angeles at the time Basiago claims that he, Obama and others were traveling to a secret jump room facility at 999 N. Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo, California in 1980. The distance between Occidental College and El Segundo is approximately 25 miles.

Also, according to Basiago, Obama used the name Barry Soetoro during his participation in the CIA Mars Jump Room Program. This is supported by researchers who have found college transcripts showing Obama did use that name in the past, including his time at Occidental College.

Finally, two other whistleblowers, Brett Stillings and Bernard Mendez have come forward to confirm their participation in the Mars Jump Room program, and Barack Obama’s involvement. They support Basiago’s claim that Obama used the name Barry Soetaro during the covert program. 

Incredibly, Basiago may have been right all along that Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, was a participant in a classified CIA project where participants were led to believe they were secretly traveling to Mars through classified teleportation technologies. Whether they actually travelled to Mars or not, it’s possible that Obama was recruited and trained as a CIA asset during his time at Occidental College. This is consistent with what Madsen had earlier claimed about the Obama CIA link.

One thing is clear from Basiago’s narration of events recalled from his youth during Project Pegasus, and later from the CIA Mars Jump Room program. Principal CIA figures, including his father (Raymond Basiago), were in favor of disclosure of the time travel and jump room technologies, and encouraged Basiago down a path towards that end.

The picture that emerges of the CIA clandestine services branch is very benign, to say the least. The CIA is involved in the development of time travel and jump room technologies for intelligence gathering purposes, and has key officials encouraging Basiago to believe he will be a future President with the power to one day disclose such technologies to the world.

Andrew Basiago for U.S. President

This takes us back to the December 19 announcement of Andrew Basiago running for U.S. President. He is running as a write-in candidate in those 43 states that allow this. The cost of being on the ballot for all 50 states is estimated to be $5 million, and Basiago rightly objects to paying such an exorbitant amount to simply present an alternative choice to the U.S public.

Basiago clearly believes his 2016 candidacy is a serious bid. This is based on his insider knowledge about his foreseen future role, discovered within a number of classified programs run by the CIA and DARPA of which he was a participant.

While Basiago’s 2016 Presidential campaign appears quixotic at the moment, even a partial disclosure of an extraterrestrial cover-up by government authorities would lead to a powerful public reaction against major political parties.

Such a reaction could give momentum to Basiago’s candidacy for 2016, or perhaps 2020, potentially raising it to a more serious level, given the public’s desire for the truth to be revealed. The detailed testimony of Basiago would reveal some of this desired truth.

What is worth keeping in mind in contemplating these future possibilities is that the CIA, according to Basiago, has gathered intelligence on such scenarios through time-travel technologies. Just as the CIA allegedly groomed Obama to be President, similarly, “White Hats” in the CIA have groomed Basiago to play the whistleblower role he is currently playing.

Basiago has declared that he is leading a “Truth campaign” in his 2016 Presidential bid.  Yet another powerful force appears to be a covert CIA operation, which according to Basiago’s testimony, pre-identified him decades ago as a future President promoting an extraterrestrial and secret space program disclosure platform.

While Basiago clearly believes he was, and perhaps still is, supported by “White Hats” in the CIA, there are good reasons why even alleged CIA White Hats should not be trusted. While as a child and young adult, Basiago clearly believed that his father and other alleged CIA White Hats were telling him the truth, there is no reason why the general public should accept this belief. He may very likely have been subjected to mind control to alter his memories of past or future events.

Basiago’s detailed testimony about his involvement in two classified programs run by the CIA does reveal important and significant information about key personnel, events and institutions involved in these programs. The sheer volume of details and information he has released is very impressive, while his subsequent investigations, along with supporting witnesses, suggests that a significant portion of it is accurate.

Consequently, Basiago appears to be a genuine whistleblower and understandably believes that his 2016 Presidential run is the real deal. Yet, Basiago, by his own testimony, was pre-identified and groomed as a future whistleblower by the CIA to reveal information about classified projects. His disclosures appear to be part of a psychological operation with a big long term agenda, which of course includes depicting the CIA in very favorable terms.

Basiago’s 2016 Presidential campaign is therefore very likely a part of a CIA sanctioned “limited disclosure” program concerning extraterrestrial life and secret space programs. There is a vast amount additional information about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life that his disclosures omit.

For example, Basiago does not discuss the role of German Secret Societies and the Nazi SS in pioneering the first space and time travel technologies, and infiltrating the U.S. military industrial complex in the 1950’s. There are significant differences between “limited” and “full disclosure” scenarios, as discussed at length in the book Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances.

While evidence suggests Basiago has released valuable information about the development and use of time travel, and teleportation technologies, there is good reason to be very cautious about supporting his “Truth campaign” with its “limited disclosure” scenario influenced by CIA “White Hats.”

Andrew Basiago’s 2016 Presidential campaign opens the door to illuminating a covert world of secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. We should all be thankful for his public disclosures and attempt to bring these issues into the 2016 Presidential race as a serious topic. Ultimately, this can aid the much bigger “full disclosure” scenario as truth breaks free from its CIA shackles.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

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Comments (4)

  • edwardzeta


    Has the global economy been controlled by this program of grooming pre-identified presidents? If time travel could be used in this way, would they not also be aware of the secret government agendas and the financial unfairness imposed on the world’s populations?
    Disclosure is likely the only path towards truth and those who try to support it.


  • Lola


    Thank you for all of your research, Dr. Salla. I agree with your conclusions.

    Any and all truthful disclosure is to our great benefit. It widens the crack in the dam. With the way things are developing, this upcoming year may finally see it burst.


  • admin


    [Admin: Received from an anonymous reader]

    Dear Dr. Salla:

    I appreciate your excellent 3-part analysis of Andrew Basagio’s candidacy.
    I wonder if there may be a factor worth adding:
    Any real potential threat to the PTB from a “Truth President” revealing what the secret government/cabal has been doing to the world would be snuffed out early on.
    The fact that Andrew is alive and speaking out is, IMO, proof that he is indeed a carefully crafted element of the strategy of the PTB, of which the CIA is but a part.
    The partial disclosure that AB seems to be building carefully points to what you identify as an attempt by the PTB to soften their image, especially if they know well that they are in for some exposure and possible retribution.
    They may also be counting on their thoroughly programmed future president to pardon them.
    After all, their recent designed and controlled heads of state allowed the greatest theft of American wealth in history and the near destruction of the global economy without issuing one subpoena. Our behavior abroad is a growing disgrace.
    Those trillions went to set up the breakaway civilization’s final and ultimate ownership of planet earth and probably some luxurious accommodations underground and off planet.
    What, then, could they possibly need next?
    AB is a perfect followup to the crushing disappointment the electorate has experienced: falling under the spell of an elegant and attractive false visionary who has broken his lofty promises and persecuted whistleblowers and truthtellers as no executive before him.
    So angry and cynical are the people, they will embrace a blowhard bully to spout their determination to reject and punish the political class. But ultimately they long for a real and quality leader who rings authentic, cannot speak like a politician, who makes no insincere promises nor is flashy in any way.
    IMO, the stage is set for a Mr. Clean like AB to give the people a man who has made no mistakes, has impeccable credentials, is highly intelligent, is obviously honest, and, above all, has personally experienced what the government has been hiding – or so the people will believe.
    He will of course be a CIA product, serving the purpose of getting out ahead of the Disclosure, “telling the truth” about the big, bad government just enough to satisfy the people’s need to “catch ’em in a lie” while deftly omitting the darkest and most dangerous truths, as you point out.
    From the perspective of the PTB, AB is a perfect choice to follow the performance of the previous two who have set new records for ineptitude and deception, embarrassing the nation and virtually exhausting the people’s faith in our political system.
    As an attorney, military son and scholar, he fits in well with the politicos, the warriors and the wonks – the establishment will love him.
    But above all, he will provide the people a drink of what they are thirsty for – Truth – even though it will be but a sip of a thin beverage. It will be enough to silence the genuine whistleblowers or make their calls for justice seem unnecessary.
    And he will mollify and pacify enough so the breakaway civilization can carry on its final economic, political and psychological enslavement of humanity and spread its tyranny throughout the galaxy.
    At least, that might be The Strategy.
    AB may well be the one who disarms the Disclosure.
    If this turns out to be the case, humanity’s only real chance to throw off its chains lies in initiating the Disclosure before AB’s story and candidacy can catch the nation’s attention.
    Thank you for reading my thoughts.

    A human being


    • Jakob_EGO




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