Is Russia using weapons developed with extraterrestrial help in Syrian Civil War?

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On October 14, Dr. Preston James, a columnist with Veterans Today, made startling claims about Russia using advanced weapons system developed through a secret agreement with extraterrestrial visitors in an article titled, “Putin’s Wild Card in Syria.”

James’ article analyses the game-changing nature of Putin’s military intervention in Syria, and the nature of the extraterrestrial inspired weapons systems used to devastating effect:

What exactly do the Russians now have as far as ultra high-tech weaponry? The list is long, but includes supersonic torpedoes, which create their own ability to travel through matter surrounding their path using inter-dimensional cloaking. Russia has missiles which, after launch, operate as if they are “hived” and use inter-dimensional entangled communication to evade interception, to regroup and to re-target, taking strange flight patterns which can change from straight to spirals to semi circles and more. Some insiders believe that the Russians now have the ability to generate inter-dimensional cloaking of some of their stealth aircraft and missiles, making them for the most part undetectable in flight and even shut-off spy satellites.

James’ analysis has some remarkable similarities to the claims of Corey Goode, whose whistleblower testimony concerning multiple secret space programs has been the focus of a recently published book, and an online television series.

James begins “Putin’s Wild Card in Syria” by distinguishing the sources he used from those making up the military intelligence community associated with Veterans Today:

Even though some of the Veterans Today Directors may have Beyond-black Secret Space War clearances, none of the Secret Space War material in this article was sourced by them or through them and comes from independent outside sources.

James does not name his outside sources, but they do not include Corey Goode, whose information differs in key ways. Yet when it comes to Putin’s role in dealing with an elite control group manipulating humanity and suppressing information about advanced technologies and extraterrestrial visitors, James’ and Goode’s information align closely. This is either a remarkable coincidence, or important corroboration that Putin has indeed reached agreements with extraterrestrial visitors, which have supplied advanced weapons technologies to the Russians.

James describes the elite control group and its influence in the Syrian Civil War as follows:

It is now clear to the whole world that ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra and the like are little more than paid mercenaries of the Israeli-American Terror Machine, and are synthetically-created, engineered and deployed Gladio-style terror, all done to further the NWO Globalist Agenda of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (*RKM).

According to James, the RKM is associated with a nefarious group of extraterrestrials called the “Dracos” or the “Draconians”:

The best information available suggests that the RKM is basically directed and energized by the Dracos, an incredibly evil race of cosmic predators that are large and powerful human inter-dimensional cosmic parasites that love to control, murder, torture and consume human flesh.  

Goode similarly refers to the Draconians as secretly directing Earth’s elite control group, which he describes as the “Satanic/Luciferian Cabal.” Goode says that he and another whistleblower using the pseudonym, Lt. Col. Gonzales, have attended meetings with the Draconians organized by a positive group of military insiders called the “Secret Space Program Alliance”.

James refers to a Russian agreement with a positive group of extraterrestrials opposed to the Draconians and the Cabal/RKM:

Sources deep within Russia have reported that the Russian Federation has signed a treaty with a certain Alien ET group, and this particular Alien ET group has a long conflict with the a certain group that has allegedly been “advising and running” the top RKM Policy-makers who have served as their agent for taking over the whole world.

James goes on to say that the Russians have been given advanced weapons technologies by the positive extraterrestrial group that neutralize the best technologies available to the CIA/Mossad/Saudi equipped Islamic State groups backed by the Cabal/RKM:

At this time it is unknown what their long term agenda is, but so far they have equipped the Russian Federation with some astoundingly powerful weapons, especially ultra-high tech electronics which can temporarily shut off the electrical systems of whole ships or carriers and even aircraft and all group, air and satellite radar systems. Putin has allegedly been told that he should go ahead and checkmate the RKM and its Terrorists cutouts in Syria and Iran and not worry, because this Alien ET group now has his back.

James refers to an incident involving the U.S.S. Donald Cook as an example of these advanced extraterrestrial technologies being developed and used by the Russian military:

Some of Putin’s secret space war weapons are shocking in their actual capabilities. One was tested on an America ship, the USS Donald Cook, last April 2014. As two Russian fighters flew over, the ship’s electric supply was disrupted, shutting down all radar and Aegis defense systems. It was reported that the top officers were so upset that some of them resigned their commissions and left the Navy, feeling they could not even defend their own ships and crews anymore against such ultra high-tech weapons.

James information dovetails with Goode’s own revelations of Putin’s association with an “Earth Based Alliance” associated with the BRICS nations, which is dedicated to overturning the plans of the Illuminati/Cabal/RKM.

Goode describes Putin’s role as follows:

Putin and other elements of the “Earth Based Alliance” that make up the BRICS Alliance among others that dove tail together are all working for the common goal of defeating the “Satanic/Luciferian Cabal” that is now in control of the majority of the world and responsible for not only amazing deceptions of his and other countries populations but also some of the most horrific Crimes Against Humanity that have ever taken place in known history. There are many of these crimes that have become more and more known through recent disclosures behind the scenes. This has only caused these groups and people to want to bring down these Secret Earth Government Syndicates now more than ever.

Goode has said that during Putin’s ten day disappearance from March 6 to March 16, 2015, he or his representatives very likely attended a secret space program meeting held on the Moon where the use of advanced extraterrestrial technologies for defensive purposes was discussed:

The timing of his 10 day disappearance occurred exactly during the time of the SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance Conference that was taking place on the LOC [Lunar Operations Command – a secret moonbase] along with many Earth Politicians (Non Cabal) and Regular Earth Citizens. I did not personally see him or have I been briefed that he was there. I was not involved in that portion of the conference. I do strongly suspect that he or his representatives were present.

Regarding the Donald Cook incident, Goode replied to the following question:

Q7. On April 12, 2014, the USS Donald Cook equipped with an Aegis Combat System was allegedly disabled by a Russian Su-24 tactical bomber deploying a sophisticated electronic jamming system. Was this an example of the kind of technological assistance given to Solar Warden and its earth allies to change the military/political balance of power on Earth?

[Goode] I have been told this is the case by several SSP Alliance members, but I have not seen any briefing reports personally to be able to vouch for that 100% myself. Other insiders have reported this as well so it is probably a safe speculation.

There is compelling circumstantial evidence supporting both James’ and Goode’s remarkable claims. Currently, all U.S. aircraft carriers have been removed from the Persian Gulf according to a CNN Report. According to James, this is because U.S. aircraft carriers currently have no effective defense against Russia’s superweapons:

The last US Carrier group in the Mideast was called home, and this alone has confused many who thought the American nuclear carriers and their state-of-the-art Aegis missile defense shield were invincible and should stay put in order to stop ISIS…. . Some top weapons experts consider these carriers sitting ducks because of all the new Russian ultra high-tech weaponry recently deployed, which can temporarily deactivate their electrical supply systems and electronics, including their radar and sonar systems as well as their Aegis missile systems.

James concludes his article by claiming:

What few realize is that President Putin and the Russian Federation have now been “authorized” to checkmate the RKM in Syria and Iran and take it down if they don’t start backing down. Putin is also well aware that the RKM has infiltrated and hijacked much of the Pentagon and the US Administration, as well as NATO.

Preston James’ “Putin’s Wild Card in Syria,” contains incredible claims which lack the necessary corroborating hard evidence that many will demand to take it seriously. Yet his claims have remarkable similarities to those of another independent whistleblower, Corey Goode who has been rigorously investigated by several researchers and found to be very credible. Furthermore, the 2014 Donald Cook incident and the puzzling disappearance of all U.S. aircraft carriers from the Persian Gulf does lend support to James’ incredible claims.

If James and Goode are correct, then Russia’s military intervention in Syria using advanced technologies developed with extraterrestrial help is a game-changer. As James claims, it will checkmate the attempt by nihilistic forces (Cabal/RKM) to use Syria as a means of spreading discord and violence throughout the Middle East and beyond, and bring about a fulfillment of Biblical End Times prophesy.

Cabal/RKM control of the planet appears to be coming to an end with Putin’s bold intervention. If so, not only will Russia put an end to nefarious plans to bring about a fulfillment of a devastating End Times World War, but also vindicate famed American prophet Edgar Cayce who in 1935 predicted that Russia would, after the collapse of communism, become the “hope of the world.”

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  • Magnum76


    Now that Russia has demonstrated Robotechnology and Reflex Weaponry, when can we expect the Zentrai fleet in system? Are we concerned and prepared for the Robotech Masters and then a possible invid invasion? I am half very serious. The pak-50 looks eeriely similar to a YF-21. Is the pak-50 also fly by thought? Firefox wasn’t fiction, was it? Last, where is the SDF-1 being berthed and when did it arrive?


  • Duncan Phelps


    I linked here from an interesting new twist @ re: “Ex-Intel family tell of Secret Space Program.” I believe your readers might find my post to them worth reading and we can see if anyone here picks up on this:
    Let me attempt to communicate in part via mathematics rather than use the limits of typical language. English is a collection and rather like an art. Math is supposed to be a science.
    I will tell you that 60% of what Corey Goode—“whistleblower”/disinfo-recipient re: Secret Space Program—plus the Galactic Confederation, White Hats, Global Reset, White Dragon Society, and the Alliance is a combination of bs/lies and wishful thinking. Much of this is like ghosts, Halloween goblins, and false flags. They exist, but the genuine danger is that of allowing your being to become terrorized (fear-based thus loss of your energy=Their gain/food). This exists in your mind. 5 dimensional beings, of which ghosts are only one kind, cannot harm you physically. Demons of the past and “E.T.s” from a degenerated future Time-line damage you only when you allow them to get a spell over you.
    Take notice that 80% of what the mainline “news,” TV, and government agents tell you is lies and in their minds. Should we pay them attention or treat them as ghosts? TV news personalities are the losers despite their big debt/bucks. Anyone who believes their puke/regurgitation loses to that % too.
    Successful graduates of high school & universities are taught that 10 tokens + 1 token in interest = 10. This is 100% incorrect math.
    If you owe another, that entity owns you due to the debt they hold on your head. In plain English, that means you are a slave to said contracted bondholder.
    When a rural town made up of conservatives has 100% of their electronic voting machines determine that Obama wins the election and no one knows anyone in town that voted for Obama, do you suppose Hillary or Jeb will win the next election?
    I read that only 15% of Egyptians participated in their recent election because 85% think their process is a fraud and the corruption is rampant. Does this mean Americans are more naive? or are we just not standing up and screaming, “Lies, lies, and liars.”
    So, what are you supposed to do? Ask yourself, “Where do I stand in this mess?” For the most part, welfare zombies and the government are bloodsuckers. They now out number the producers of goods and only produce 2 dimensional paper work. Note: the FED Reserve Note or tokens are 2 dimensional IOUs. When an IRS agent busted me for working, I looked him up and politely asked him what I was then supposed to do. He informed me that I was soon to be 62 and I should go on Social Security. As a SSI acceptor, I too have now become to that % a bloodsucker, although I at least got Them to make “a criminal” out of me to get at me. (My Amazon e-Book $ales do not even pay for the gas on my home-on-wheels car.) This is an example of how the math/zombification of a debt-based economy plays out. The issuance of debt-based tokens/paper is the most evil of anything I know of. It even causes the elite to degenerate. The Cabal knows this and that is why They are now fighting amongst Themselves.

    Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad and Putin were not terrorized by the Federal Reserve. At one time or another, JFK and RFK were afraid of the CIA, the Mafia, the FED, secret societies, and Marilyn Monroe. We have officially been told 100% lies regarding their ends.
    When I was a little boy I refused to play musical chairs at a Halloween party because everyone lost except the one that got the remaining chair. I knew the odds were stacked against everyone else. It was like Russian Roulette. Why participate in such a scam? Today the bankster or an underling like a Hillary occupies that last chair.
    Putin appears to be a savior upon the scene, but at the end of the day, if he continues to allow his nation and those he has sway over, have their tokens issued at any attached interest rate, then he is no better than the West.
    China is the only nation I was aware of lately that had their national yuan issued with no strings of debt/slavery/usury attached. The only major religion that is against usury today is Islam.
    I have no love for politicians and lawyers. Neither did the writers of the Original 13th Amendment. But, has the public fallen asleep since 1913 or did they miss the Point back at the close of our Civil War and in 1871? Did they not realize the South fought for State’s Rights and the North fought for slavery and the blacks were not given freedom. Furthermore, the rest also became slaves under the 14th Amendment? Should we always blame everything on the liars? How much a part do we play in this game when we go along and accept lies upon lies? Benghazi was only one truth that is slipping through our fingers.
    Was George Bush senior finally coming clean recently? before his handlers ushered him away after he quoted actor Jack Nicholson from the movie A Few Good Men, and said, “You can’t handle the truth.”
    Perhaps only 3% can handle the truth. If additional people will speak up that % will increase at a rapid rate.Perhaps only 3% can handle the truth regarding UFOs—not the mere tiny lights in our skies—plus 5th dimensional beings, the 2 dimensional flat Earth, the zombie Apocalypse, agents, disinformation recipients, Black Ops and “breakaway civilizations”. In reality, this % may be far greater if you ignore what mainline media likes to portray/lie/ridicule/pretend/report the number to be. At any rate, if additional people will speak up and even act upon it, that % will increase at a rapid rate.
    Do the math. Count on your fingers. Does 40% trump 100%? Does 100% trump 60%? Or is it 40% trumping a negative ( – ) 100%? Confused? ..another example of the UFO phenomena. The truth is in there… just deep.


  • david




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