Secret Interstellar Spacecraft use Superluminal Tachyon Drives

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Sommerfeld Cigar Ship

A fleet of spacecraft have been secretly constructed using tachyon drives that are capable of interstellar travel at superluminal speeds. This astounding conclusion emerges from the disclosures of a whistleblower claiming to have served for 20 years on several secret space programs. Corey Goode says he served for six years on a spacecraft cable of interstellar travel that was named after a famous German theoretical physicist, who first proposed the existence of superluminal particles later named tachyons.

In an April 4 email interview, Goode described how he was recruited to serve in a secret space program called Solar Warden. that was initially set up by the US Navy:  “Solar Warden was indeed a heavily Navy program in the beginning with Air Force involvement later on.” He went on to describe Solar Warden as possessing both military and scientific research spacecraft, and says he served on one of the latter:

I was only assigned to the research vessel [ASSR “ISRV”– (Auxiliary Specialized Space Research) Interstellar-Class Vessel, Arnold Sommerfeld] for a little over 6 years.

It appears odd that Goode served on a spacecraft belonging to an alleged Solar Warden program named after Arnold Sommerfeld, a German theoretical physicist who lived from 1868 to 1951.  Clearly Sommerfeld would have had to achieve something quite remarkable to have a ship posthumously named after him in a secret U.S. Navy created space program.

Arnold Sommerfeld is known for having supervised more Noble prize winners in physics than any other person in history. Quite a remarkable achievement but certainly not enough to have an interstellar class spacecraft belonging to another nation named after you. Sommerfeld is also known as the first person to propose the existence of superluminal particles that were later named “tachyons”. Here is a summary of the development of tachyon particles in theoretical physics:

Tachyons are a putative class of particles which [are] able to travel faster than the speed of light. Tachyons were first proposed by physicist Arnold Sommerfeld, and named by Gerald Feinberg. The word tachyon derives from the Greek tachus, meaning “speedy.” Tachyons have the strange properties that, when they lose energy, they gain speed. Consequently, when tachyons gain energy, they slow down. The slowest speed possible for tachyons is the speed of light.

In 1910 Albert Einstein and Arnold Sommerfeld conducted a thought experiment involving a theoretical device that was later called the “tachyonic antitelephone”:

A tachyonic antitelephone is a hypothetical device in theoretical physics that could be used to send signals into one’s own past. Albert Einstein in 1907[1] presented a thought experiment of how faster-than-light signals can lead to a paradox of causality, which was described by Einstein and Arnold Sommerfeld in 1910 as a means “to telegraph into the past”.”

A spacecraft capable of using a tachyon device would be able to achieve superluminal speeds “to telegraph into the past.” This means that a Tachyon drive based on the Einstein-Sommerfeld idea of a “tachyonic antitelephone” would make interstellar flight possible. Spacecraft could travel vast distances measured in light years and essentially “telegraph into the past” to a time shortly before it left for its destination. This is nicely illustrated in the following limerick:

 There was a young lady named Bright,

Whose speed was far faster than light.

She went out one day,

In a relative way,

And returned the previous night!

While most physicists believe that “faster-than-light particles cannot exist because they are not consistent with the known laws of physics,” Goode’s revelation suggests otherwise. His alleged service on an interstellar capable spacecraft named after Arnold Sommerfeld suggests that tachyon drive engines have been developed and are currently being used.

There is a significant body of circumstantial evidence supporting Goode’s eyewitness testimony. Furthermore, a second eyewitness has recently allowed summaries of his own experiences with secret space programs to be released, thereby lending additional support to Goode’s incredible claims. All this suggests that Goode’s revelation that he served on the “ASSR Arnold Sommerfeld” is compelling evidence that tachyon(ic antitelephone) drives have been developed for and used in a highly classified class of interstellar spacecraft yet to be revealed to the world.

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[Note: A Resource Page listing interviews, articles and more reports about Corey Goode’s revelations is available here].

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  • VortexGenerator


    I think your speculations may merely lead you into a labyrinth of even more questions and greater darkness. The power of any theory is directly proportional to the degree to which integrates –and thus seamlessly *explains*– how all the various and apparently distinct aspects of a given phenomenon work together. Therefore, the more powerful the integrative capacity of a theory, the more it unifies and the greater the umbrella of explanation.

    One way of expressing this fundamental inquiry is: In what way do all observed facets of a phenomenon share a common denominator? For example, at one time the electrical force and the magnetic force were considered two different things. It was then later realized that there was really only a single field of force at work, to which we now refer as simply ‘the electromagnetic.’ This of course, is merely a lesser illustration of the total integration of existence itself, during which, as the power to integrate (in consciousness) evolves, a given species may finally come to realize in-what-way Every aspect of existence shares a common identity. Beware of diversionary tactics.

    I merely mention this to hoist a small red flag, (and potentially preparatory to further diatribes : ) There is no doubt whatsoever that quantum travel is ubiquitous in the universe, but speculations based on a ghost particle that has never been integrated with, or as, an explanation for mass and inertia are merely orphans of reality:

    Does a superluminal craft thus *become* a tachyon as it travels? How does it take on the characteristics of a ‘tachyon.’? How are they generated by the propulsion system? And perhaps most to the point: How does the generation of a massless particle provide thrust?? Geez, and I’ve hardly gotten started yet…

    But I see you’re in a poetical mood, so before I go too far afield, I’d like to retaliate with some doggerel of my own : )

    Luxate pawns, we call you out.
    Get thy vision from our sight.
    We will now proclaim this day
    To be ours –as yesterday.

    When the hosts remember thee,
    The call will fall on deafened ears,
    Though deafened only by the throes
    Of those who need by chain to hold.

    Methods versus Mercury’s quick,
    Mechanics versus Quantum Ship.
    We shall loose thy surly bounds,
    Lest we, too are run aground.


  • VortexGenerator


    Since this is a topic close to my heart, I will venture a second comment.

    As an engineer, I’ve lived by the precept, ‘form follows function,’ so early on, I pondered the mystery of ufo’s in this light; but it wasn’t until I read Ivan T. Sanderson’s observation that, in the course of his naval career, many such craft had often been spotted ‘sitting’ on top of a waterspout. To me, it was immediately clear that the water was merely conforming to the central propulsive force of the craft itself –as does the circular shape of the vehicle as a whole. Form and function are in perfect harmony, by virtue of which, quantum ships can travel between the stars or dimensions –or both simultaneously– with equal facility, and not because they are equipped with an array of complex technologies, each designed to carry out some characteristically ingenious, but utterly distinct function, but because the singular technology of propulsion in use is so fundamental in its design, so spontaneously integrated with the underpinnings of an utterly unified reality, that it has absolute flexibility and command over the apparent “laws” of physics.

    As physicist, John A. Wheeler once remarked in an interview with American Scientist with regard to the quest for a unified field theory:

    “What central principle undergrids it all? Surely the magic central idea is so compelling that when we see it, we will say to each other, “Oh how simple, how beautiful! How could we have been so stupid so long?” But what is the decisive clue to all that we of today are missing.”

    To this, today, I would cryptically respond: waterspouts.


  • Lola


    To Vortexgenerator:

    I liked your poem, and I’m very picky about poetry. Caution without being cautious – that’s good. 🙂 While most of the detail you offered is way over my head, I think I get the gist of some of it. It’s poignant that you put “law” (of physics) in quotes because after all, these are man-made linear constructs. Your point about unifying principles is a good one, and to that end, this may be some food for thought, albeit in different terms.

    (Excerpts) Seth:

    “Action and consciousness are forever bound together. Action is perceived within your system electromagnetically in terms of intensities. The personality as you know it is merely the result of action as you perceive it in certain groupings at any given time.

    All action is generated behind and yet within all that you seem to see. It is not generated from the objective world. The objective world is the end result of inner action. You can indeed manipulate the objective world from within, for this is the means and the definition of manipulation.

    Action must then travel through itself from every conceivable point, and yet the journey itself, being action, will create new paths. Action cannot stop. It is powerless in this respect only. It cannot destroy itself. It can change form. It often changes direction. It is so many-dimensional that it must experience itself as individuals.

    Individuality is a direct result of the overall oneness of this action. Action is also a direct result of individual identities for without these psychological dimensions, oneness could not multiply itself.”


  • VortexGenerator



    Ah, an unexpected gift of understanding.

    I have the books of Seth, Schopenhauer, Castenada, Nietsche, and ‘The Tao of Pooh,’ side by side on my bookshelves : ) I have most of Robert’s books, and ‘Seth’ provides some extraordinary reading –if one is inclined to think about things. But in my personal investigation I took Seth’s observations regarding the electromagnetic role in perception one step further, in that I formulated a final integration to answer the question, ‘Is reality objective or subjective?’ I puzzled a long time over why the relationship between the brain and consciousness (mind and matter) appeared paradoxical and irresolvable top science. But I then realized that the true barrier to reason here was the strictly linear “logic” of language that superimposed an illusion of ’cause and effect’ over our experiences. People even “think” in words and habitually talk to themselves –believing in the process that this internal monologue is what actually comprises thought itself. But the construction of words and sentences produces two destructive effects: 1) each word forms a “particle” (wave packet) of meaning, which thus fragments and compartmentalizes the richer sensory field from which it was derived into bits and pieces, and 2) these wave packets are then structured into a linear sequence of “causes” and “effects” –and this sequence provides and defines the “logic” of the sentence structures’ “meaning.”

    Do you speak the language
    That forms upon thy lips?

    “Nay, the cadence baffles me,
    And wishes me that I could speak
    The form’s more silent due.
    And yet the timbre, it doth honor me,
    With errant, humble bliss,
    And speaks to me of wonders lost,
    And hidden new dimension.”

    So then some scientist comes along and asks himself –How does the electromagnetic flow of synaptic discharge of the brain “cause” consciousness? In doing so, awareness is automatically assumed to be something separate, something “beyond,” “metaphysical”, and a “ghost in the machine” beyond the powers of human comprehension.

    But here is the actual solution, and it is easily verifiable under the most rigorous conditions of scientific method: Sensation is an INHERENT quality of electromagnetic force, much as ‘spin’ or ‘mass’ are considered inherent qualities, though even more fundamental. I know Seth said much the same many times, yet never really just blurted it out as a simple equation. Why do we feel? Because the flow of sensation through our nerves IS the flow of electrical neural discharge, and is modified and altered only in terms of frequency and amplitude.

    For me, this also resolves an issue raised by Jacques Vallee with regard to the entire spectrum of “ufo” phenomena, in that it is just as much a psychic phenomenon as it is physical –and in many accounts of ufo encounters, the two cannot be distinguished apart. Ultimately, this led me to an understanding that the most fundamental principle of ufo propulsion –believe it or not– is ultimately based on the same principle as consciousness itself –both being inherent to the principle of particle spin.

    A tough sell to the mind-talkers, though ; )

    I even wrote a simple little ditty about it, of course:

    Our particular endeavor,
    Of attention to the whole,
    Flows from deep within,
    Our subatomic soul.

    Our wave of given substance,
    Is traveled through the night,
    Into cybernetic structures,
    And thus to conscious, quantum light.

    But never may we know
    –Neither whole nor even part–
    Until attention to the soul,
    Becomes its subatomic heart.


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