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History of Soviet/Russian UFO Crash Retrieval Operations & Relations with Non-human Civilizations

Anton Anfalov, Ph.D., was born in the city of Sverdlovsk in the Soviet Union in 1972 and spent decades living in Crimea before his recent departure to Canada due to the intensifying Ukraine conflict. In the mid-1980s, he became interested in the UFO phenomenon after the Soviet Union first relaxed its stringent secrecy policies during the glasnost era and the subsequent Presidency of Boris Yeltsin.

Dr. Anfalov has interviewed hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian whistleblowers and been given documents on the UFO phenomenon dating back to the early post-World War II Soviet era. He has gained much knowledge about UFO crash retrieval operations in the Soviet Union and Russia; learned about ancient underground tunnels built by extraterrestrials that the Kremlin repurposed for deep underground military bases; the capture in 1965 of several Praying Mantis Insectoids from the Inner Earth; and the existence of a Russian secret space program.

In the first of a series of Exopolitics Today interviews, Dr. Anfalov explains how he learned about Soviet and Russian secrets about extraterrestrial visitors and Inner Earth Civilizations. He asserts that the current administration of President Vladimir Putin has adopted Soviet-era KGB policies of strict secrecy and that prospects of official disclosure by Russian authorities are dim. His testimony, therefore, provides rare insight into the secret history of the Soviet Union and Russia interacting with visiting extraterrestrial life and Inner Earth civilizations, and reverse engineering captured UFO technologies.

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Exopolitics Today Transcript Sep 7, 2023



History of Soviet/Russian UFO Crash Retrieval Operations & Relations with Non-human Civilizations

Sep 7, 2023

MS: Dr. Anton Anfalov was born in Sverdlovsk the Soviet Union and he was raised in the Crimean peninsula. He has a PhD and he has taught at various universities in the Crimea and in Russia and he has been interested in the UFO issue since 1993 and has spoken to hundreds of witnesses in official circles in Russia about UFO crash retrieval operations and secret programs at reverse engineering of extraterrestrial spacecraft and has learned a lot about underground facilities in Russia and Russian and Soviet Research into extraterrestrial life and technology.

Jas: You’re listening to Exopolitics Today with Dr Michael Salla, your source for the uncensored truth regarding the human extraterrestrial global and political agenda. Click the like button and subscribe to this channel; and now here’s Dr. Michael Salla.

MS: Well I want to welcome you Dr. Anfalov to Exopolitics Today.

AA: It’s a great pleasure to communicate with you.

MS: Well you have a very interesting background, so why don’t you just introduce yourself to people in terms of your birth in Sverdlovsk, the Soviet Union, and and how you ended up in the Crimean Peninsula and was raised there, while that was part of Ukraine and its transition into an independent state.

AA: Actually, I was born in the capital of Urals. You know what Urals is, Urals is a divide between European Russia and Asian Russia and there’s huge mountain range. It’s very long, it stretches from North Ocean and the South, the southern deserts. It’s quite long area and territory is huge and the capital of Urals is the city of Sverdlovsk, and that’s where I was born in 1972 in the family of Communist Party workers of the Regional Committee of the CPSU. And actually that’s huge industrial city. I was born it’s the center of military industrial complex in mid-russia it has a lot of Industrial Enterprises and developed science as well and a lot of scientific research institutes there.

And when I was one year old they just grabbed me and put me into the cradle and moved me south to Crimean Peninsula. At that time it was most southern area of Ukraine, and Ukraine consisted of 25 regions and it was just one of these regions. And then 2014 Russia returned and seized it back. It was military operation very scary and after that we appeared in the middle of big International crisis. And so I suffered a lot myself and my family from all those events. It’s now ongoing and it’s unpredictable and very unpredictable ways, development is very scary now. So… and I had big experience in UFO research not only in Russia but in Ukraine as well. I spoke with many experts from ex-Soviet Union. I know prominent Soviet and Russian UFO researchers and I’m… I’d like to stick my nose to the places I don’t belong.

MS: Well I know you have a very interesting…

AA: Some guys don’t like such guys like me, you know, because I’m very curious and I’m open-minded. I want to learn more every time and especially what is hidden. Because some researchers are so self-confident. They say sometimes “So Anton, if this is true I should know about this for sure because I’m so experienced.” Oh my gosh, and when I start checking… all these guys some information step by step and point by point, amazingly… sometimes revelations are flabbergasting, really.

MS: Yes, well before we talk…

AA: Expect that’s unexpectable, completely, It’s amazing. Discoveries sometimes happen, unpredictable. Because I was so naive before. I am, I’m still very skeptical. I couldn’t imagine to myself how is this possible at all? That such amazing things can happen because…

MS: Well, let’s first of all just kind of talk more about your background, because you have a very interesting background. In addition to the UFO research that you know you were you were working as a university professor in a number of universities teaching business and economics. So why don’t you just kind of talk about your expertise, because that would obviously establish credibility for a lot of people to come to talk to you, because you know you were an expert in finance, and so people trusted you. So why don’t you just explain your background and why people trusted you to divulge very sensitive information.

AA: Yes I have more than 100 scientific publications in various journals and scientific magazines and references. And I used to work on the leadership of several other PhDs and professors in several universities and also in colleges. And as far as I remember since 2003, that was my first experience in Ukraine and Crimea and also in other branches and several other cities you know, because I started expanding my abilities and capabilities and my knowledge and more and more you have getting more experience when you study this areas a lot and not just economics. In 2006 I have got my PhD degree from Crimean Agrarian Technological University and it was very scary experience. It was very amazing experience because I paid a lot of efforts for my dissertation. It wasn’t easy, sometimes heart rendering. And I tried my best because I’m from such families that you know my mom was also PhD in philosophy my grandpa he was working with Boris Yeltsin, the first Russian president himself in late 60s in Sverdlovsk because my grandpa was head of the Culture Department there and Boris Yeltsin was the head of Department of Construction there in Sverdlovsk. And my grandma was also working there, so that’s a very nice family. And then 1973 we moved from there to Crimea because of the climate, you know, to south. It’s rather harsh to live there because it’s frosty and ecology is not so good there in Urals in mid-Russia. It’s separation between Siberia and Europe, right in the middle, that’s where Ural is and Sverdlovsk, my native city is the capital of Urals. So and all my next experience was in Crimea and my scientific experience and background for many years. So it was very long actually.

MS:  So what happened in 1993 that got you interested in doing UFO research in Russia?

AA:  Actually it was earlier than that because my first interest appeared in 1984 when I was 12 years old and even in high school and I broke one lesson because all class and our teachers as well they were all listening to my lecture instead of her, because it was so exciting experience. It was brand new information in the Soviet Union and it was restricted information in the Soviet Union because official censorship was canceled on this topic only in 1989. Before that year, it was all forbidden. All these publications couldn’t happen because it was strict official censorship and secrecy on the level of state, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. And after that it was like snowfall, and, you know, like amazing wave of these publications, these movies films and a lot of books and newspaper articles and a lot of witnesses. And sometime in late 80s and early 1990s it was so popular in our country and in Ukraine and in Russia and all across the ex-Soviet Union and also ex-Soviet Republics. So I was part of this process because I was very interested. And it was so grasping experience you know, it’s amazingly interesting, amazingly interesting, because brand new information. Forbidden fruit is always tasty, you know. That’s why I was deeply engaged and I tried to do my best to learn as much as I could because I want to know more always. I’m very curious person and that’s why it all began, development of this started, so that’s the reason.

MS:  Okay I know in the United States Kapustin Yar is often regarded as Russia’s Area 51 that that’s where they recovered the first extraterrestrial craft and studied them in underground facilities. So what do you know about Kapustin Yar and it being the beginning of Soviet Research into extraterrestrial spacecraft?

AA:  Yes, first of all people must understand that knowledge about this in the U.S. and in other countries is very limited and simple. Kapustin Yar was one of the first Soviet missile test ranges but as about UFO crashes, no guys it wasn’t the first place. Because the Soviet Union is… was a huge country, it was just one sixth part of the whole world. So the first recovery that I know that it happened earlier much earlier even in 19th century and also after World War II. We had recovery in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. It was 1947 or ‘46 when huge cylinder shaped craft was dug out from under the ground and they moved it to the area of Moscow, not Kapustin Yar at all. So, we had a number of locations in Russia where this UFO research and R&D research and development was underway for years. These places are basically near Moscow, in Novosibirsk, big Siberian city, and there’s big research center, and also in several other locations such as Ural and Chelyabinsk region later and several others. A lot of plants and the enterprises involved in this, Zhukovsky Airbase near Moscow. As about Kapustin Yar, it’s greatly exaggerated I must emphasize because you must not talk about Kapustin Yar so much. It’s not such important place it is as it is known for some many years and for public knowledge. It’s not, it’s not correct vision.

The correct vision is, must deal with multiple places across Russian: Moscow region, Zhukovsky, Novosibirsk and other locations, especially several locations around Moscow. Because this is where the scientific potential is concentrated, basically in the area of Moscow, because they have a lot of research institutes there and Kapustin Yar is just test range, when you test articles. And when you have something ready to test you move it to such places as State Test Central Range Number Four, Kapustin Yar and test them there. But as about deep scientific research, it must be concentrated in some areas where you have scientific potential. And these places are near Moscow and Novosibirsk and some others as well. Kapustin Yar doesn’t have such scientific research potential and you know a lot of experts and doctors and different areas of science to study this deeply. So it’s basically test range and there’s also Akhtubinsk airbase  which is one of the main test bases for all secret aircraft, and basically this is counterpart of Area 51. But when we talk about Area 51 we have always to remember that first of all it deals with aircraft and not with alien craft and alien bodies. But you must understand that all these things are deeply compartmentalized, so you have this here you have that there, they’re not in the same hangar at all. You can’t keep everything in the same hanger. You always have to apply compartmentalization, because this is the main rule of secrecy: not to keep everything in one hanger and to separate people, to separate stuff, to separate research and to organize different projects, interacting in some areas, you know. And they have different ramifications anyway. But everything is known only on top for very narrow circle of dedicated guys who have most limited access and most restricted access you know those things and on top only. All others, they don’t know much. So I must warn people, don’t talk so much about Kapustin Yar, it’s not the main site.

MS: Okay, all right, well then you’ve said that the Soviets found many ancient underground tunnels and caverns throughout their territory and that they repurpose these to build their deep underground bases where they studied these classified projects involving UFOs and they took their retrieved spacecraft or alien craft to these underground bases. So you want to talk a little bit about what it was that the Soviets found all over Russia?

AA: Yeah sure. They took some areas, not all of them because this network is really huge, and usually most of these tunnels are protected. Because they have their own masters and owners and they are in active use, some of them. But some of them are really abandoned and there were very ancient and look like polished glass because these tunnels are made by high temperature. Vehicles they move like knife through, you know, some easy substance when you cut something into your kitchen. It’s easy to cut some things you know. It’s so easy, you can build these tunnels because the speed of these machines are usually from three to five kilometers per hour and they deeply penetrate into the soil and into hard rock and with big speed. And all they leave are just these glassy surfaces. They reflect everything around like real glass. And when you put electricity they can even glow by greenish glow because it’s amazing technology. It’s very advanced and it is connected with high temperatures; this technology is very very advanced. And if we compare it with our modern contemporary science, for example, you know about Los Alamos National Laboratories. They invented nuclear machines that can penetrate very fast into the ground and build these tunnels. And aliens also have such machines for very long time, for thousands of years. So, we have this network. Because of this, it’s very easy for them. It’s not like we built our subways, you know. It’s very different technologies, very fast, three to five kilometers per hour, very fast.

That’s why it really exists and I know some people I spoke with people who saw these tunnels and they were living in Crimea now, Crimean Peninsula. And actually they found several places in Russia in the Urals, in Far East, in Siberia, where they can penetrate inside by trucks, by military trucks. They can move cargo, different lots, you know, equipment, inside for dozens of kilometers and even for hundreds of kilometers. And the most amazing I learned just recently is about railway connections and railway network. Because, you know, Russia is a country of long railways and they can build these railways, you know, these machines: they go straight forward and they have automatic loading, you know, rails and they just can put them on the ground and move forward and again and again and again. So these machines were used to build this railway network inside these tunnels for many kilometers and that’s really amazing because it was done in top secrecy and very few people know about these networks. And that’s really amazing because during the last years they are developing these networks more and more in different parts of Russia. And now they connect Ural, middle of Russia, with other regions.

And then basically in 1991, that was the last year of the Soviet Union, the year of collapse, you know. It was calamity and total destruction to 15 republics. KGB generals decided to hide this more, to prevent any publicity and possible dangers and possibility of any access from U.S. to these technologies hidden in Zhukovsky airbase southeast of Moscow. And so they moved two alien discs from Zhukovsky airbase to the base in the Urals in the region of Chelyabinsk and the Taganay National Park. And they have railway access from the south and automobile tunnels from northeast. Two tunnels, actually, from northeast and one from south. And they meet under these mountain ridges, and that’s really huge complex because humans didn’t build it. They just found these tunnels, and they are properly camouflaged. And they have such entrances in many places. For example, if UFO crash happens they can covertly transport this vehicle covered by tarp, by special foil, actually. They covered at least by two protective screens: first a special metallic foil which is against electromagnetic emissions, and it’s like absorbing all EMI emissions. And the last is start, not just start, and so they properly camouflage this load, they make different shape. For example if you transport disc shape craft you must construct disguise, you know, this smoke, like smoke screen, because they distort the image of the load to fool, you know, reconnaissance satellites and, you know, technical means of reconnaissance from U.S. and other countries.

Usually they do this during nights, and they transport this to remote locations where they have such entrances underground. And one team transports this and this team doesn’t know anymore, they just do what they are told, their orders, and they leave. “You are dismissed, dismissed, guys.” Other guys come and take this load. Now they are in this play and they move this to the proper location. Because one team doesn’t know what the other team involved in you know that’s compartmentalization. And they move this through this entrance at night usually. And they can put it underground and everything is hush-hush and since tunnels are really huge, some of them, Because some of them are dozens of meters in diameter. Just imagine such huge diameters. You can easily move recovered craft, disc shaped or, you know, cylinder shape, all along such tunnels for dozens of miles. It’s unimaginable. When I learned about this I thought to myself “Oh my gosh, oh my God, how they’re smart guys.” You know, because when you have these networks underground you can easily master this; you can easily organize this cover up very effectively.

And by the way the depth of this complex is about one kilometer deep, you know. It’s very deep because it’s protective, protected from satellites because now modern satellites they can scan underground hundreds of meters, you know. And they can detect underground structures. That’s why these most sensitive complexes they’re camouflaged and hidden very well. You can’t detect them by electromagnetic emissions, you can’t detect them by radar scans. They’re very deep, so that’s how they do this.

MS: Now you mentioned that around the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union that the KGB started to take control of these secrets. But on the other hand you mentioned that Boris Yeltsin, President Boris Yeltsin, that this was a kind of a golden age for openness into researchers like yourself into UFOs in the Soviet Union and Russia. So can you explain what the years were like during Boris Yeltsin’s presidency?

AA: First you must understand that KGB was always in control, always, since the very beginning of this organization KGB. And Boris Yeltsin was just the first and last, first and last, only one, democratic president of Russia since 1991. And they were hiding this even from him. He wasn’t well aware of all this. Guys, he wasn’t in the loop. Don’t, please don’t have such Illusions about him. I know this guy, he was very stubborn and active and he had a lot of you know power sometimes. But… and he wasn’t in the loop. Don’t have Illusions. I know some guys behind him, like General Colonel Grushko, like General Colonel Agave (?), and General Colonel Grigorenko. They were all KGB guys during the last years of the Soviet Union, but usually such information is properly hidden even from top elected officials. Please don’t have any Illusions about Boris Yeltsin. And just 10 years it was open policy in Russia till 1999. And then everything was again hush-hush when Putin came, because Putin took everything under his control and Boris Yeltson wasn’t much in the loop because there were other guys responsible for this cover-up. And during Boris Yeltsin’s times it was already established, well-working system of this International cover-up.

And, by the way, Russia was actively engaged in international policy and cooperation with Western countries about hiding all of this. Sometimes crashes did happen in Russia. And teams from Britain or U.S took part, they were involved in these activities and recovery operations. It wasn’t that simple, but after the year 2000, all of this stopped and Russia took control and actually they have now Russian SSP secret space program. It wasn’t that limited before, during Yeltsin’s times, because during his years the policy was more open and more open-minded. It’s… the difference is great, if you compare with the present situation, it’s very different.

MS: Well it’s… that’s fascinating because that means that during the 1990s you had the two most powerful countries in the world, the Soviet… Russia, or the Russian Federation, and the United States, the United States was headed by President Clinton and he was kept out of the loop of the UFO issue by the CIA and in Russia President Yeltsin was kept out of the out of the loop on the UFO issue by the successor to the KGB, which was the FSB. I mean that’s fascinating to think about that.

AA: Absolutely. It’s like, you know, twin brothers, Clinton and Yeltsin, they were both out of the loop, kept by these guardians, guardians of those secrets. And actually, that’s International cover-up. Don’t think it is only Russian cover-up. It was and it is still International because you can’t call in one country, it’s too large. And I must emphasize that even in late 50s, during Khruschev’s times, they already had cooperation with West with NATO countries. That’s amazing because it was Cold War, it was Soviet Union, it was Nikita Krushchev, the first Soviet leader after Stalin, and he was more open to this and they cooperated with West. Because since 1955, after meeting in Geneva, in Switzerland, they had negotiations there: Soviet Union, Britain, France and U.S. And part of this negotiations was dedicated to this issue, UFO topic. An international cover-up, 1955. That was very important date for international cover-up, with the participation of USSR as well. And this…  a big real conspiracy.

MS: So this this cover-up, this International cover-up, seemed to focus on the the lead intelligence agencies in both countries, or in in all countries, so in the U.S. it was the CIA that took the lead in the UFO cover-up in the Soviet Union it was the KGB and and now, well, in the, in 1991 I guess the KGB was dissolved and absorbed into the FSB. So can you just explain the FSB being the successor to the KGB and how much power it has today over the secrecy of the UFO issue in Russia?

AA:  Okay first of all, FSB is not that powerful as KGB was because KGB was much more powerful. Every Soviet citizen was very afraid of KGB. The very word was very scary. If you say “oh KGB”, “oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” They always stop talking, you know, fear. People were very scared by KGB and KGB was very powerful. FSB is not that powerful, but this structure is not the only Soviet structure involved in this. There’s also and there was also less known structure called GRU which was Soviet counterpart of DIA defense intelligence department in Pentagon. That’s military intelligence, and Soviet Military Intelligence, GRU, was involved in UFO research since 1952.

It’s very amazing information. People don’t know because there’s documentation in some pretty solid books, like you know Timothy Good wrote his research about this. Famous British UFO researchers, the researcher and some other guys. So you must bear in your mind that that’s not that simple. Different structures were involved in the U.S. as well not only just CIA. Don’t forget about NSA and other three letter agencies because NSA you know it’s like “never say anything.” It’s very safe with organization established in 1952 and dedicated also in you know spy activities and interception of communications and not only foreign communications, but alien communications as well, because aliens also have their communication systems and these systems can be intercepted. And they have a lot of special equipment to intercept their channels of communication. And that’s what happens and usually these organizations are involved in this. So it’s not that simple.

The most important is that KGB had special department inside and it was very restricted, extremely secret and even top KGB officers were completely unaware of the very existence of this most secretive Department of this organization, KGB. And I know some people who used to work in this department and it’s totally top secret, classified even today. And after the KGB was disbanded in 1991, it was transition period and some secrets leaked out, but anyway, very quickly it was reorganized and FSB appeared. And you can find all this history on the internet and I did my research and that’s not that simple. So FSB now also has this department and they continue their research in this area and also GRU had its own department. It was called Lotus Department in ‘60s. Very few people know this name it’s like MJ-12 in Russia Lotus group, you know, this flower Lotus.

MS: It seems like Russia’s… the Soviet Union’s KGB had a similar structure to the CIA because in this, in the United States the CIA, it was the Counter Intelligence Division that was headed by James Jesus Angleton that was in charge of the classified UFO files, so it wasn’t all of the CIA that were read in, that knew about it. It was just this specific… James Jesus Angleton, he was the one in charge of the secret so it was that… and that was the most powerful part of the CIA from from the 1950s up until the 1970s. So it sounds like the KGB had a very similar structure, one specialized unit had control and others within the KGB wouldn’t know about it, and if they did, they could get into trouble.

AA: You must understand one important thing. You can’t compare CIA and KGB, because KGB was much more powerful, with much more ramifications all across the Soviet Union. KGB had its department in every city, in every region, in every enterprise. Every foreign national arriving into the Soviet Union was under constant surveillance by KGB officers 24/7. That’s amazing. It was huge and powerful organization, KGB. CIA is different. When I speak about foreign intelligence it was just so-called first main department or PGU. PGU of KGB and this was just only department for foreign intelligence. And GRU also had foreign intelligence, and specifically targeted for foreign countries, and this Secret Service is KGB and GRU, they had competition. These structures inside and outside the Soviet Union were in constant, you know, like struggle and competition between each other and it wasn’t that peaceful. Because you have always this… struggles between secret services, you know. That’s not easy, and KGB was much much more powerful,  and you can’t imagine how powerful it was.

MS: I understand that the KGB…

AA: It’s unimaginable. It was in the closed countries, like the Soviet Union. This was the country of total secrecy everywhere. Just tiny details were secret. Every enterprise, almost every, was involved in military industrial complex. Imagine secrets on every corner: here a secret, there a secret, and there is top secret, and everywhere and several levels of secrecy exists in, existed in, the Soviet Union. It’s not like in the U.S. The systems of secrecy are quite different. Soviet system was for special access and secret and then top secret and even higher was Top Secret of special access or special folder, that was the highest level of secrecy.

But even some top position high ranked members of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of the USSR, they were not aware of all these programs. Only few guys were in the loop, like Yuri Andropov, the chairman of KGB, and like Dmitry Ustinov, he was minister of defense of the Soviet Union for many times during Brezhnev Administration, and very few other guys.

All the rest were out of the loop. Out, even top rank Political Bureau of the common… Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, because they didn’t have any need to know. You must have need to know and they didn’t. But Yuri Andropov was in the loop. Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov, he was very famous guy and intelligent and wise. He was in the loop, yes, and few of other guys, but even generals, even General Colonels of KGB, many of them they didn’t have any need to know, because of huge terrible secrecy and this secrecy exists even today. It’s still top secret. They’re not going to declassify anything, anything, and this can exist forever, forever.

MS: Can you just explain, I mean how even today there’s a lot of people, former servicemen, in Russia that are too frightened to talk because of intimidation and of losing their military pensions. This secrecy system under the Putin Administration continues, those former KGB policies of secrecy?

AA:  Exactly, and for example, I was talking with one guy for many years. He just told me “Anton I can tell you so much, so much, I can tell you unimaginable things, you know, you can’t even imagine what I can tell you, but I’m scared man.” He told me direct quote “I want to live” end quote. “I want to live” he told me. You know, he’s scared for his life. Not only just to lose his pension, because you know sometimes they erase memories. They use some chemicals, they put influence on your brain, you know. These guys are smart, you sign non-disclosure agreement for many years that you can’t talk about this anywhere anyway no way you know. Not only just signing papers, they have very strict control. And for example this main base now exists, exists in Ural Mountains and the Taganai National Park. This base is much cooler, it’s much more cool than S-4 in Nevada or, you know, some other facilities even in the US. Because it has so strict security systems and so strict access, and especially some brand new and highly sophisticated security systems. Unimaginable, like, you know, brain waves, you know, mentality control. When you start approaching some, you know, gates, some entrances, properly hidden, you start experiencing, experiencing, unexplainable fear. You start trembling from fear. “Oh my gosh, what happens with me?” and you just move away from these places. You know, it’s mental control and they also use, you know, extra sensors.

You know some special trained guys who know this mental abilities and capabilities. They can influence other people and other intelligences by this mental control. They are clairvoyant, they have, you know, advanced mental abilities. They also use these guys for very long periods of time and many people are very scared, very scared. Even in 50s, in 60s, in the previous century, they don’t talk. Because they are so terrorized by this Soviet system of control, overwhelming secrecy everywhere. And they are trained, like subconscious trained, you know, inside their brains they have something very different, unlike other people. And I know some of these guys, especially those who were in scientific research institutes, for example, in Leningrad, since 1965 studying insectoid creatures discovered on Kola Peninsula. They don’t talk, oh my gosh, because one member of their team, Dr. Voskresenskaya, Anna Kapitolina, she was killed, she was brutally killed, because KGB organized car crash and they killed her and they killed her sister together with her. It was hush-hush like, you know, you’re driving your car and then you have big truck nearby with a lot of, you know, wood, and the suddenly it collapses upon the roof and you’re dead. It’s possible… all other guys you’re so scared they don’t talk till today, you know.

MS: Well let’s talk about that incident you described, the Kola Peninsula and these insectoid extraterrestrials that… there was a UFO crash in the Kola Peninsula in 1965, so yeah, just explain what happened, exactly how did the Soviets or the KGB find these extraterrestrials there and how and what did they do?

AA: First of all, as far as I know, these insectoid creatures, they are not extraterrestrials, they are intra terrestrials. They are representatives of underground civilization. And were ancient race of insectoid masters and they have their slaves and they have this symbiont culture. It’s very ancient, it’s millennia. They exist under the surface of our planet for millions of years. It’s unimaginable.

And specifically, in the area of Kola peninsula they have underground mine. They have this deep underground complex where they extract rare earth elements and then they move them, these elements, upwards to hovering objects, spacecraft, and they process them and they use these elements in their industry. So this area, Kola Peninsula and Khibiny mountains, this is very specific area on planet Earth because it has very large concentration of these rare earth elements, you know, very specific, and they extract them there.

And in 1965 there was accident when several workers stumbled upon these creatures underground, and they captured them, because alarm system was activated of this complex. When this underground, where this underground alien complex, intersects with human mine positioned above it. And when miners started digging deeply they activated the sensors positioned along the tunnels. And these creatures reacted like security guys and they got upwards. And at this very moment, miners exploded high explosives and after this bam, this happened. And these creatures were blinded because bright light penetrated inside as they can’t see in the open, you know, for their eyes are not adjusted to bright light, bright sunlight. And that’s why they were blinded and they were deaf and they were in shock after this explosion and that’s why several of them were captured.

And KGB arrived, KGB officers, they captured them in this state and they moved several of them, dead ones and also some were alive to the special hastily organized underground laboratory in Severomorsk. In underground tunnels converted from naval depot. Tunnels specifically for, you know, torpedoes, navy ammunition and navy bombs. And they have this, all the stuff, in Severomorsk and Guba Polnaya. That’s the name of location. Underground tunnels there in rocks near the shore and near the bay, Kola bay on Kola Peninsula.

That’s the location where the first Soviet laboratory since 1965 was organized to study these creatures. And these creatures were really amazing. Two and a half meters tall.  You know, insectoids were amazing, with antennas you know. Very specific biology. And that was really amazing for them and that was very scary. And if you look at the map you can also find the city of Leningrad, which is now Saint Petersburg, it’s nearby to the south. They organized scientific team in Leningrad from The Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. And this team was moved there to Severomorsk to study these creatures.

And Dr. Voskresensky was involved, Anna Kapitolivna, and Dr. Sviderskii, Vladimir Leonidovich, who later became the head of this institute in Leningrad, the main Institute involved in this study, insectoids. And Dr. Sviderskii, he was the main Soviet expert in insectoids, and he became the director of this institute since 1981. Very prominent guy. I used to study his publications and even in open sources you can find that indeed he was very smart guy about these creatures, insectoids.

Why he became director? So usually director of some Institute is only appointed if he is leader of this basic scientific guideline, of this basic you know research. If you have different areas of research but one of them is the main one, and the leader of this becomes the director. That’s what, exactly what, happened in 1981, he became the director of the Institute. And he was awarded by State Awards. Why? For what?

MS: I just want to ask, you know, about those insectoids that you said, you know, those praying mantis looking insectoids… that they’re intraterrestrials they’re from the inner earth. Now a lot of people have reported seeing during abduction experiences that these praying mantis are there. So does that mean that these inner earth civilization of praying mantis are involved in the abduction of surface humans?

AA: Exactly, for millennia. And they are not only intraterrestrial because they went to space long before us, long before us. They have very extensive infrastructure on our moon and inside our moon, on Mars as well, on different satellites. Oh, and at least in twelve planetary bodies of our solar system and beyond. Because they are called ancients. Because when you hear the word Ancient Aliens that’s… they are. You have to think about them, insectoids, thats because they are ancients. They existed on our planet long before all other creatures, and reptiles appeared much later, humanoids appeared much much later, and these creatures are the most ancient ones.

And they are very developed, they’re very smart. They have magnetic sensors inside their brain. They can’t see well because they are a little bit blind, like me, but they have these magnetic sensors. Their brain is much bigger than human brain, much bigger. They are much smarter. They have all extra sensory abilities. Every human being is just like an open book for them. You can’t imagine how smart they are. They can see you, the long distance. They can scan you. They can see what’s inside, like you know, 3D tomography. You know, these big scanners in huge hospitals and brand new hospitals, they always use these specific rotating scanners, magnetic, with magnetic sensors. And that’s what they have in their brains. That’s unimaginable.

When Soviet scientists studied them for years, 20 years of research from 1965 till 1985, and two more years ‘86 ‘87. Unimaginable how they studied them and what they learned for 20 years of this research. We have 27 pages of this document, very scientific, very professional, dedicated exactly to this research. Every specialist, every PhD in biology who can look at this, say, they say, these guys, “oh my gosh, oh my God where did it take it this, where did you find this?” Because that’s not imaginable how professional that is.

And you know, these guys who were smart and very ancient and they are apparently the very first intelligent creatures on this very planet Earth. And these ancients, they first scan space by their magnetic sensing organs and then they move there. They can teleport. Even if you look at just little tiny ants and termitoids you can find that the mothers of this L social structure, which me… which means real social structure of their society. They can teleport inside their cameras [caverns?] because they have natural ability for teleportation, unimaginable. They can fly, they can levitate, in special fiery spheres. You know, they create by their, you know, advanced mental and energy capabilities and telepathic capabilities, spheres around them, teleportation, levitation, scanning, reading your thoughts and creating Illusions for any human being. Because, as I said, every human being is so simple comparing with them. They can create any illusion, just any. They use your, you know, mental images inside your brain and they are just recreating these images for something you imagine or unimaginable. They put you into illusion like in Matrix, everybody knows this famous movie Matrix, you know. And that’s how it happens in reality. They can create this Matrix, unimaginable. Very advanced artificial reality inside the brain and they’ll say “Oh my gosh I see reptiles, oh I see Nordics, oh I see grays, or I see my grandma or my grandpa.” Any illusion, and that’s how they work. They can… they’re shape shifters… they are unimaginable shape shifters and very smart creatures and very ancient. We can’t compare with such smart creatures, trust me, I know what I’m saying about. They are unimaginably smart. They are masters of Illusion. They… they’re like puppet masters and all of us are just so naive puppets. And we all are, according to this alien agenda, and they are, you know, key players, key players. Some people in Majestic are in the loop. Indeed, just yesterday I saw an unimaginable, amazing new Majestic document about this, and they say “Oh that’s real, that’s underground ultraterrestrial civilization living here, from here, for millenia, from planet Earth.”

And they’re Masters and they have greys. Greys are under them because they genetically manipulate other creatures, hominids. And they started this manipulation long ago with our ancestors on this planet. And like domestification, like we domestified dogs or horses and we use them in our enterprises and business and economy. They also do this for millennia and they started using these hominid creatures long ago, before us. Our ancestors like those big hairy tall guys like Sasquatch. You know what Sasquatch is? These guys are domestificated, these artificial products of this creation. And they have insectoid masters. They all have their masters. Usually they don’t talk much about this, but anyway they have them.

And they also have a position long ago against this, you know, hive. That’s huge hive mentality, this structure is huge because it’s called “L-social” [eusocial?] structure. L-social from the scientific point of view means really social. It’s very unlike we have in our human society. They are even more social than us, humans. It’s unimaginable how the are structured, how they are organized, because their level of organization is much smarter than we have. And you must understand because these, you know, notions, and you know, are brand new for some guys in ufology.

But some people know this for dozens of years, because they were also captured in U.S., not only in the Soviet Union. And I know at least two cases in the USSR, first in 1965 and the other one is in 1987 when these insectoid creatures were captured in the USSR. And they also studied in the drug laboratory in Kazakhstan in Semipalatinsk region. They had this big underground multi-level laboratory, closed in 1987, when they kept these insectoids and also humanoids and anthropoids there as well, in underground levels.

MS: Now you mentioned the Majestic 12 group. Now most people in the United States think of Majestic 12 as a U.S.-based organization. So did the Russians or the Soviet Union have their own Majestic organization to handle these issues or is there an international Majestic organization?

AA: All these variants you told about are true. The first was GRU since 1952 in the Soviet Union. This was the first organization, GRU, the Soviet Military Intelligence. Then KGB was also involved, much later than GRU and the Soviet counterpart of this is the Special Department inside KGB. Very narrow circle of people. And the very fact of its existence is not known for many guys, even top position officers in KGB, they don’t know about it’s very fact of existence. As well, alongside with all this, MJ-12 was later transformed, because the original name of MJ-12 was compromised and they had other names, you know, some people say Sion group and others have different names. And as far as I know, they had extensive cooperation even in Soviet times with the USSR. Because when Khrushchev became Soviet leader, after Stalin’s death in March of 1953, Nikita Khrushchev became Soviet leader and he was, well, fitting guy for these guys, that could deal with him much more easily than with Stalin, because Stalin wasn’t that negotiable with this. Nikita Khrushchev had much better approaches, you know, he and his guys, Khrushchev’s guys, negotiated since 1955 with Majestic 12, in Geneva, in Switzerland. And that was the first place where they had negotiations. And I know some guys that were involved in this.

And later when tragedy happened in north of the Ural in 1959 [i.e. the Dyaltov Pass incident] when the group of tourists were mysteriously killed and it appeared they were killed by aliens because there was you know… like surgery on their bodies, mutilations. Not just animal mutilations happen but also human mutilations happen as well. And that was one of the amazing cases of human mutilations in the Soviet Union and this information was transferred to NATO during Khruschev’s times and they had exchange of information between USSR and USA even in ‘50s. And as far as I know in 1963 when there was treaty to ban nuclear atmospheric tests in September of that year 1963 they had a special agreement with the USSR with the participation of India. And them guys were also negotiating like mediators between USSR and US. And they also had these agreements and they have and they had much bigger structures than MJ-12: Majority Committee. This Committee of Majority included also Soviet Representatives as well, not just MJ12. Then they also have Magi (?) command in U.S. Specific structure and they have many levels of secrecy and several different organizations, strictly compartmentalized and that’s not too simple, the structures.

And specifically, since 1972 that was another stage of these interactions and negotiations and exchanges and cooperation between Soviet Union and U.S. because Henry Kissinger visited USSR togther with Richard Milhouse Nixon, the U.S president in 1972. And as official guys that was remarkable visit to Moscow and other locations in the Soviet Union during Brezhnev times. They signed several agreements between USSR and US and specifically Henry Kissinger was shown the captured UFO that they kept in underground laboratory at Zhukovsky airfield. They brought him there in secrecy and they took them, these American guys, underground by elevator. They accompanied them, and to this underground laboratory in Zhukovsky airbase southeast of Moscow and they just showed them “look, this is alien discs that we captured.” And also Fidel Castro, the Cuban leader, was also shown this disc and alien bodies kept there in refrigerators, special containers, there as well in 1972, in this underground lab. And that was exact year, 1972, when they signed also different agreements about cooperation in space, about keeping this information hush-hush. And the very amazing fact is said they had a special treaty that USSR will be silent about American cases, crash cases. We will never tell this to the world and U.S.  said “Okay we will also keep silence about your crash recovery cases as well.” So this is real international conspiracy of silence that was organized between USA and USSR even since 50s, 60s and especially since 1972.

When Henry Kissinger got direct access, Henry Kissinger is, and was at that those times one of the key players. He was very well in the loop. He’s very smart. He knows a heck a lot about all of this, you know, programs and covert contacts. And he’s one of the best friends of Putin and of Brezhnev also. He visited Soviet Union for many times. He was and he is one of the main key players in negotiations about this alien exopolitics between USA and USSR.

MS: So I just wanted I just wanted to kind of like interrupt you there because Henry Kissinger is still very active in international politics, and people see him traveling around the world, having meetings…

AA: Yes, but what I am saying… he was even more involved in those times, when he was younger. Yes that’s what I mean…

MS: So really what you’re saying is that Kissinger isn’t just being this international diplomat. He is actually… actually going around because he’s the lead man for this international cooperation in keeping the secrecy system going concerning extraterrestrial life and…

AA: Yes exactly, it’s not just extraterrestrial but also intraterrestrial. Don’t forget about intraterrestrial because always people speak about extra, extra, you know. Don’t think, not about, just only about extra, think about intra. Look first, under your feet first, you know, because first look closer. They’re very smart, these guys. They want you to think they’re from, sometimes, from very distant planets. They can tell you “we’re from here, we’re from there” just to cover the fact that they are from here. Because they don’t want you guys to know their true locations. Because they’re very smart, they can deceive people a lot. And that’s a usual practice to cover this up with extraterrestrial information, intraterrestrial activities of this huge civilization. They have a lot of locations on our planet and a lot of habitats and a lot of this intraterrestrial cultures, not only insectoid cultures but also anthropoid cultures and a lot of human life cultures live underground on our very own planet.

MS: Well I want to now shift to Crimea. I mean you were, you spent many years or decades in Crimea and …

AA: my whole life

MS: … and Crimea is a big area of interest today because of the conflict. Now you say… oh sorry there’s a lot of people that say… that there are underground bases that were found in Crimea and some people actually describe pyramids found in Crimea. So can you tell us about, you know what was found underground in Crimea and these pyramids there in Crimea?

AA: Yes I was there myself. I spoke with these guys who claimed about this discovery and actually we got some disappointment about this. Because they excavated big hole underground near the city of Sevastopol and unfortunately we didn’t find the structure that was claimed before, by these guys. And we found quite different structures there, near Sevastopol, this big city in southwestern corner of Crimea.

However, there are other locations in Crimea that are suspected to contain these pyramids under the ground. Because you must understand that you can’t find them on surface. Not like on Giza Plateau, plateau in Egypt, you know that’s quite different. And when they draw this, you know, line with seven pyramids in a row, that’s not quite correct, because they’re scattered along the west territory of Crimea, in different parts. And especially near Bakhchysarai near Chiterdag (?) and near Yalta and different parts, locations of Crimea. And I was there myself in quite different locations. And to excavate them you have to invest a lot of money a lot of efforts and you know that’s that’s not that easy. However, some mountains there are really suspicious, they have geometrical structures. They are like, you know, streamlined, they have these even edges, and it’s highly suspected that artificial underground structures do really exist.

But not just only pyramids. They have extremely advanced ancient and long network of underground tunnels under the Crimea. And I was in many of these of these locations myself and I sensed these vibrations from underground; because when a surface is trembling under your feet that’s really amazing, scary, experience and I experienced that myself several times, you know. And these tunnels and these big cavities underground, they really do exist in Crimea, in many locations. Because this network is really huge. They have at least two big cavities. These cavities are approximately two to three kilometers long, like big ovals with, you know, this hemispheric roofs under them. And they’re connected by you know vast spider like network of these tunnels all across Crimea to different locations. Some tunnels go to Rostov-on-Don under the Sea of Azov. Some tunnels go under the Black Sea. Some tunnels go to Ukraine from Crimea, and by the way there is tunnel connecting Crimea and Russia. Because, if they use this tunnel they shouldn’t build Crimean Bridge under, you know, above surface, because they have this underground tunnel below surface. But this fact is hidden from the public and these tunnels are very ancient and some of them are used. And the military, KGB knew about this, FSB know about these tunnels and this network is really amazing.

And also, they have underwater passages because some UFOs can dive underwater into the Black Sea and use some caverns and cave entrances under Crimean Peninsula. We have places here where huge humanoid creatures were observed. They are three to four meters tall, quite big guys, amazing how tall they are. These guys are also representatives of this underground civilization because they dwell here for so long time, the underground dwellers, ultra terrestrials. And this civilization is highly developed there; not only in Crimea, Lake Baikal as well in Russia have these guys. You know humanoid, spiritual, and they use advanced technologies. And UFOs are observed every time, every year. How they dive underwater, how they fly. I spoke with people who saw, you know, opening rocks. Just amazing, when they see rocks open and these UFOs fly into the mountain and then these doors are closing back. And all you see, just surface of the rock remaining, you know, no traces of these hidden passages and entrances under the ground.

And some places are really amazing because I had some really scary experiences there once upon a time. For example, we have such mountain as Boyka mountain and I was there in Winter. And I’m standing near the foot of this mountain and I hear this whooo sound like you know mix of waterfall with turbo engine of some aircraft and also if you mix the sounds with the sound of train. Three sounds mixed together, very scary, and it was like, you know, like a Langolier movie scary, Stephen King horror, because it’s very scary the sound from under the ground is vibration. And I know people who were there on top of the mountain on March 8th in early 2000s, this year’s time frame. They just positioned themselves on the ground, just tourists you know, and when they were beginning to sleep… they couldn’t sleep because of these sounds from under the ground. Very irritating, very scary and penetrating and all your bodies these vibrations from under the ground. Very technical, not earthquake, nothing natural. Specifically technical sounds, absolutely artificial, from this underground equipment on the Crimean Peninsula.

And once upon a time we also made an experiment about vibrations, we just put a glass of water, waited until it will become very calm, and then waited what will happen next. And to our utmost amazement and to my utmost amazement, I saw these circles on the water. Because of these underground vibrations under our feet. Like we have some train underground passing under us. So, you know, some UFO craft moving inside these tunnels right under our feet. And that was really amazing experience I had myself there.

And a lot of people experience this and even in the capital of Crimea, even in Simferopol. Once upon a time, when I was returning from my Institute, I just stood on the street, open street, big traffic, lot of cars and suddenly I start feeling this vibration. Everything is trembling. Everything is vibrating under me and all this you know metallic parts all the streets, all cars on the street… like you know, that wasn’t earthquake. No way, earthquakes don’t happen like that. Earthquakes usually have horizontal or vertical movements, you know, but not this constant regular purely technical vibration and that was amazing for me, wow…

MS: Well, you know, I just want to… I just wanted to finish up with one last question because, you know, we’re we’re kind of like towards the end of of the of this first interview. I will, we definitely have to have you back to do a follow-up interview because there’s so much more to cover, but I just wanted to ask you…. right right now in the United States there are Congressional hearings, there’s legislation to reveal the truth about these UFO reverse engineering projects. Have you heard anything about Russia doing something similar? Is Putin going to do a similar initiative or is he just going to let the United States take the lead?

AA: No, Putin will cover up everything and everywhere and forever. Russia is not open country anymore you know because… I’m very skeptical about this new initiative of U.S. Congress. Don’t be so naïve, guys. Don’t be so naïve, because these people, they’re beyond official structures. They are very secretive, compartmentalized, very powerful and I have substantial doubts that U.S., that U.S Congress can do anything about this. Of course I have some positive hopes about this but I’m highly skeptical about any, you know, success in this. And Congress is just, you know, public organization. That’s not for public knowledge.

Forget it, and especially now in Russia. Russia is now like the Soviet Union back, you know, terrible times returned. Forget about open policy in Russia. Forget it, it’s no way you only… if something changes there man, that’s highly unlikely now. Don’t have any hope, just forget about any hopes about Russia. And U.S. was and still is much more democratic in this area, much more. The number of leaks is much more in the U.S. than in Russia. It’s much more open, even with all of the secrecy in the U.S, even all of these people and all the, you know, like Humpty Dumpty, all the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men, much more open in the U.S., you know. In Russia that’s very different.

MS: Well I know there’s a… there’s a lot more material that we need to cover that that you are very familiar with all these reverse… all of these are UFO crashes in in Russia and these reverse engineering programs. We have to have you come back on a follow-up interview. So for now I want to thank you very much, Dr. Anton Anfalov, for your expertise in sharing your knowledge of the history of these UFO programs in the Soviet Union and Russia.

AA: Okay you’re welcome and I have huge list of these incidents, very big list…

MS: We’ll be back and we’ll continue these interviews, thank you.

AA: Thank you, I highly appreciate you then.

[Much appreciation to Hugh Matlock for transcribing the above interview and preparing the following lists of places and people mentioned in the interview. MS]

Places Mentioned

Akhtubinsk is a Russian Aerospace Forces base located near AkhtubinskAstrakhan Oblast, Russia.

Bakhchysarai (Crimean Tatar:  Bağçasaray; Russian:  Бахчисара́й; Ukrainian:  Бахчисара́й; Turkish: Bahçesaray) is a town in the Autonomous Republic of CrimeaUkraine.

Crimea is a peninsula in Eastern Europe, on the northern coast of the Black Sea, almost entirely surrounded by the Black Sea and the smaller Sea of Azov.

Kapustin Yar (Russian: Капустин Яр) is a Russian rocket launch complex in Astrakhan Oblast, about 100 km east of Volgograd

The Khibiny Mountains (Russian: Хиби́ны [xʲɪˈbʲinɨ]Kildin Sami: Umptek)[1] is one of the two main mountain ranges of the Kola PeninsulaRussia, within the Arctic Circle, located between Imandra and Umbozero lakes.

The Kola Peninsula (Russian: Ко́льский полуо́стров, romanized: Kolsky poluostrov; Kildin Sami: Куэлнэгк нёа̄ррк) is a peninsula in the extreme northwest of Russia, and one of the largest peninsulas of Europe.

Rostov-on-Don (Russian: Росто́в-на-Дону́, romanized: Rostov-na-Donu, IPA: [rɐˈstof nə dɐˈnu]) is a port city and the administrative centre of Rostov Oblast and the Southern Federal District of Russia

The Sea of Azov (Crimean Tatar: Azaq deñizi; Russian: Азовское море, romanized: Azovskoye more; Ukrainian: Азовське море, romanized: Azovs’ke more)[3] is an inland shelf sea in Eastern Europe connected to the Black Sea by the narrow (about 4 km (2.5 mi)) Strait of Kerch, and is sometimes regarded as a northern extension of the Black Sea.[4][5]

Sevastopol (/ˌsɛvəˈstoʊpəl, səˈvæstəpoʊl/),[a] sometimes written Sebastopol, is the largest city in Crimea and a major port on the Black Sea

Severomorsk (Russian: Северомо́рск, lit. ’northern sea’), known as Vayenga (Ваенга) until April 18, 1951,[2] is a closed town in Murmansk OblastRussia. Severomorsk is the main administrative base of the Russian Northern Fleet

Simferopol (/ˌsɪmfəˈroʊpəl/) is the second-largest city in the Crimean Peninsula. The city, along with the rest of Crimea, is internationally recognised as part of Ukraine, and is considered the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, but currently is under the de facto control of Russia, which annexed Crimea in 2014 and regards Simferopol as the capital of the Republic of Crimea.

Taganay National Park. Taganay (Russian: Таганай, Bashkir: Тағанай) is a group of mountain ridges in the Southern Urals, on the territory of Chelyabinsk Oblast, with the highest point rising 1178 m. above sea level. Taganay National Park was established in 1991, with its south-western border reaching down to the outskirts of Zlatoust

The Ural Mountains (/ˈjʊərəl/ YOOR-əl; Russian: Уральские горы, tr. Urál′skiye góry, IPA: [ʊˈralʲskʲɪjə ˈɡorɨ]),[a] or simply the Urals, is a mountain range in Eurasia that runs north-south mostly through Russia, from the coast of the Arctic Ocean to the river Ural and northwestern Kazakhstan.[1]

Yekaterinburg (/jɪˈkætərɪnbɜːrɡ/ yih-KAT-ər-in-burg;[13] Russian: Екатеринбург, IPA: [jɪkətʲɪrʲɪnˈburk]), alternatively romanized as Ekaterinburg and formerly known as Sverdlovsk (Russian: Свердло́вск, IPA: [svʲɪrˈdlofsk], 1924–1991), is a city and the administrative centre of Sverdlovsk Oblast and the Ural Federal District, Russia.

Zhukovsky International Airport. Zhukovsky (IATA: ZIA, ICAO: UUBW) (Russian: Жуковский), formerly (and still occasionally) known as Ramenskoye (Russian: Раменское) is an international airport, located in Moscow Oblast, Russia, 36 km (22 mi) southeast of central Moscow, in the city of Zhukovsky, a few kilometers south-east of the closed Bykovo Airport.

The airfield assigned to the newly established in 1941 Flight Research Institute has served as a major USSR aircraft testing establishment, with most of the major Russian OKBs having facilities there.

Chiterdag (sp?) [no references found]

Guba Polnaya (sp?) [no references found]


People Mentioned

Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov[a] (15 June [O.S. 2 June] 1914 – 9 February 1984)[2] was a Soviet politician who was the sixth paramount leader of the Soviet Union and the fourth General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

James Jesus Angleton (December 9, 1917 – May 11, 1987)[1] was an American intelligence operative who served as chief of counterintelligence for the Central Intelligence Agency from 1954 to 1975.

Dr. Vladimir Leonidovich Sviderskiĭ (Dec 19, 1931 – Jan 18, 2013). Note: Russian biography mentions he is a State Prize Laureate. (list of publications on insects)

Col. Grigory Fyodorovich Grigorenko (born Aug 18, 1918). He was awarded the USSR State Prize winner (1981).

Col. Gen. Victor Grushko (1930-2001)

Victor Grushko (1930 – 2001) is the Soviet intelligence agent, the colonel general, the former first deputy chairman of KGB of the USSR[8].

[Note: Victor Grushko’s son is Alexander Viktorovich Grushko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.]


Dmitriy Fyodorovich Ustinov (Russian: Дмитрий Фёдорович Устинов; 30 October 1908 – 20 December 1984) was a Soviet politician and a Marshal of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. He served as a Central Committee secretary in charge of the Soviet military–industrial complex from 1965 to 1976 and as Minister of Defence of the Soviet Union from 1976 until his death in 1984.


KGB Col. Gen Agave (sp?) [no references found]

Dr. Anna Kapitolina Voskresenskaya [no references found]


Other Mentions

Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry was founded on January 6, 1956, by the Presidium of Academy of Sciences of the USSR resolution 2, paragraph 3, of 06.01.1956.

The Dyatlov Pass incident (Russian: гибель тургруппы Дятлова, transl. ”Death of the Dyatlov Group”) was an event in which nine Soviet hikers died in the northern Ural Mountains between February 1 and 2, 1959, under uncertain circumstances.

The USSR State Prize (Russian: Государственная премия СССР, romanized: Gosudarstvennaya premiya SSSR) was the Soviet Union‘s state honor. It was established on 9 September 1966. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the prize was followed up by the State Prize of the Russian Federation.


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