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US Space Command is the Key to forming an Earth Alliance and UFO Disclosure

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – June 29, 2024


  • Joe Rogan discusses UFO researchers claiming the 1947 Roswell crash was a “donation.
  • Video of Elena Danaan’s abduction by Gray Aliens and rescue by Nordic blondes from the Galactic Federation of Worlds
  • JP video of a cigar-shaped UFO he recorded in Sept 2019, just before he joined the US Army
  • Book of Enoch, Fallen Angels, ETs and Cryptoterrestrials: Interview with Timothy Alberino
  • Julian Assange freed from a British prison after reaching a plea deal over leaking classified US docs
  • The latest Star Nations News episode from Elena Danaan has some tantalizing info about the Earth Alliance collaborating with different galactic organizations.
  • Dr Garry Nolan appears to be embracing the cryptoterrestrial hypothesis in recent statements picked up by mainstream media.
  • General Stephen Whiting, who heads US Space Command discusses its priorities and international partnerships.
  • Attempts by the Congressional UAP Caucus to hold another hearing in the House Oversight Committee and to create a Select Committee on UAP with subpoena power have been stymied due to national security concerns.
  • More scientists are actively exploring the feasibility of superluminal warp drive propulsion systems.
  • Redacted Interview covers alien false flag implications of the amendment to the NDAA for 2025 making enrollment in the Selective Service System automatic for males between 18-26
  • Extraterrestrial Contact and the Fractal Nature of the Universal Heart Soul Essence: Interview with George Kavassilas

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