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Russia studies crashed UFOs at Taganay Park Ural Mountains & near Baikonur Cosmodrome

Russia has retrieved dozens of alien spacecraft during the Soviet and post-Soviet eras and taken recovered technologies to select aerospace facilities for research and development. In his third Exopolitics Today interview, Dr. Anton Anfalov discusses several additional cases of Soviet UFO crash retrieval operations and two of the top secret facilities to which they are taken. The first facility is under the Tyuratam missile test range, which is adjacent to the famed Baikonur Cosmodrome that was constructed in 1955. He explains that Baikonur was originally a diversion from the more important underground facility at Tyuratam.

The second facility is under the Taganay National Park, which is located in the Ural Mountains. The Taganay facility was completed in 1991, which coincided with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Taganay Urals base is today Russia’s premier facility for studying retrieved alien spacecraft and for constructing reverse-engineered vehicles. The Taganay Urals facility uses an abandoned underground tunnel system built by an ancient civilization or extraterrestrial visitors.

Dr Anfalov discusses some of the meetings held between Soviet/Russian leaders with different groups of extraterrestrial visitors, and US and Soviet space cooperation that began during the Nixon administration. He also talked about what may be a buried oval shaped space ark buried in Siberia and other possible arks in the Kherson/Crimea regions.

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