Will Document Dumps Reveal Secret Space Programs & Aliens in 2016?

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Document dumps SSPsIn June 2015, details emerged of a “full disclosure” plan allegedly developed by an alliance of Secret Space Programs to reveal to the world the truth about these highly classified programs and the existence of extraterrestrial life. According to Corey Goode, who claims to have worked in several secret space programs for 20 years and in early 2015 was appointed as a liaison for a visiting group of extraterrestrials, the “full disclosure” plan envisaged massive document dumps.

In his June 15 response to a question about what the full disclosure plan involved, Goode wrote:

A full disclosure event would consist of a major data dump on the Internet with many hundreds of thousands of document, audio and video files on multiple mirrored sites for everyone to have access to. There would be a collapse of the corporate media machine and a 24/7 television and radio education campaign would be initiated. Not all channels and stations would be co-opted so people are not overwhelmed and could “tune out” as they needed to due to the stress.

Goode then contrasted this with a “partial disclosure” event that was being planned by a group of human elites often described as the Illuminati/Cabal:

If a person or group go public and reveal the existence of ET visitation and some advanced technologies, but not technologies that would collapse a “New Financial System” or reveal the crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated by the “Human Elite” and certain “Off World” or “Ancient Break Away Groups” then you have not been told the whole truth.

That would be a partial disclosure where the narrative has been controlled by a group preserving their power and avoiding the release of their crimes. The majority of the world would be shocked by this information alone and it would occupy their imaginations for some time. Very few of us at the current moment would realize that this was just another deception.

In a series of three Secret Space Program related meetings held in June 2015, Goode reported that the Cabal/Illuminati were willing to proceed with their own limited disclosure event, and gave late November 2015 as a possible “partial disclosure” date if agreement could be found with the Secret Space Program Alliance. Agreement was not found and so at the start of 2016 we find ourselves in the position that there are two disclosure plans that are ready to move forward when the right conditions have been reached.

In the most recent episode of Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock, Goode explained what conditions needed to be reached for the full disclosure plan to move forward:

I’m told that the data dumps are going to occur after a catalyzing event that’s going to occur down here on the surface. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be [what I am about to say], but an example [that] was given to me [is] something like a global economic meltdown, to where it became obvious to everybody on the surface, all of the sleeping masses, that [the economy has] been a giant Ponzi scheme [from the beginning]. Everybody that they voted for and supported [in government] were criminals in [the Cabal’s] pockets. And the masses of people that were normally asleep and wouldn’t listen to things that people consider “conspiracy theory”, will now be open to the information. After that point, the information will be dumped on [to] the population through many different media [outlets], including the internet.

Another important constituency in this battle between the Secret Space Program Alliance and the Cabal/Illuminati over the scope and timing of “official disclosure” is what Goode describes as the “Earth Based Alliance.” This Alliance primarily comprises “White Hats” inside the U.S. military industrial complex along with “White Hats” in other major nations, which are cooperating with the BRICS bloc of nations (led by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in launching an alternative financial system that would be a part of the official disclosure process.

Complicating the full disclosure plan advocated by the Secret Space Program Alliance is technology possessed by the Cabal/Illuminati that can accurately predict future events using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to delay the disclosure process, by encouraging defections from the Earth Based Alliance. The following exchange between Goode (CG) and Wilcock (DW) in the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode reveals the problems caused by such technology:

CG –… The cabal has been using this advanced artificial intelligence technology that gives them probable future scenarios that has helped them stay one step ahead this whole time. [The (Secret Space Program) Alliance has] found a way around this and they’re pretty confident that they’ll be able to do the data dumps if the alliance on the ground cooperates [Earth based Alliance]… but if the data dumps happen too soon, the cabal will be able to mitigate it, call it “conspiracy theory”, tear it apart, and take it down.

DW – And you said that some of the people in the Earth-based alliance have now treasonously told the cabal what’s in the data dump?

CG – Shown them.

DW – Which gives them the opportunity to prepare alibis and counter arguments for it.

CG – Right. And it’s also made them want to create a WW3 scenario and that kind of stuff.

If Goode is accurate in his descriptions of the dynamic interplay between the different factions over the scope and timing of disclosure, then it is clearly very hard to predict when and if “full disclosure” will happen.

Goode’s admission that key factions in the Earth-based Alliance have defected to the Cabal/Illuminati suggests that the conditions described by Goode, for a “catalyzing event” that prepares humanity for full disclosure through “document dumps”, is being actively prevented from occurring.

A catalyzing event such as economic collapse, as Goode was told, could be prevented by a new financial system being put in place to reform the current financial system. Thus, China and other BRICS nations could come forward to rescue the tottering international financial system in exchange for a variety of benefits.

In a comment to an article, Goode described such a scenario as follows:

[S]ome of the “Earth Alliance Groups” have been infiltrated and are now looking to make deals with these “Cabal Groups” based on a replacement financial system where they will have more power (“The West had its 100 years, now the East will have its 100 years” is a quote that is circulating among the Earth Based Alliance Groups). The new financial system will be yet another Debt/Slave system controlled by just another group of people. They plan on clearing peoples’ debts and giving them free money in the beginning to give people hope and cause them go get excited about a new financial system.

The ability to foresee and prevent the necessary conditions for “full disclosure” to occur suggests that the Cabal/Illuminati, and the defecting factions from the Earth-based Alliance, are likely to go ahead with a limited disclosure plan. Such a plan will release some advanced technologies and reveal the existence of extraterrestrial life. This will be done in a way that will, as Goode says, allow the Cabal/Illuminati to maintain their power and escape prosecution for their crimes.

The control over the world’s major media and communication channels by the Cabal/Illuminati, suggests that it has tremendous resources at its disposal to spin any major international event in a way that promotes its ultimate agenda. Thus, the “catalyzing event” that the Secret Space Program Alliance is waiting for can be mitigated, and/or spun in a way that might not create the necessary global psychological receptivity desired for “full disclosure” via massive document dumps.

Consequently, there appears to be a deep flaw in the strategic planning of the Secret Space Program Alliance, as Goode has explained their reasoning. Put simply, waiting for the right global conditions for the document dumps to occur, gives more time for the Cabal/Illuminati to prepare and move forward with their own “limited disclosure” plan.

Once the “limited disclosure” plan goes forward, then the global changes it creates will allow the Cabal/Illuminati more options to maintain its global influence and escape accountability for past criminal actions. We have already seen this to an extent with the U.S. Congress and President Barack Obama approving an asteroid mining law that effectively gives corporations, secretly involved in space mining, free reign in space up until 2022.

Divide and conquer is a strategy the Cabal/Illuminati understands all too well in dealing with the different Earth-based Alliance factions. Their cooperation is necessary for “full disclosure” to occur as desired by the Secret Space Program Alliance.

An alternative solution would be to start releasing some of the documents possessed by Secret Space Program Alliance into the public realm. The benefits of starting “full disclosure” with a trickle of documents are numerous:

  • It allows for UFO/exopolitics researchers to study the document releases, and compare them with currently available knowledge of secret space programs and extraterrestrial life;
  • It further prepare those in the public arena who are already familiar and/or open to the disclosures Goode and other Secret Space Program whistleblowers have revealed;
  • It will help numerous officials in different national security apparatuses better understand the scope of what has been really occurring with the Secret Space Programs, and to take necessary actions in accord with their sense of public duty and conscience;
  • Finally, it will give a solid response to critics of Goode’s disclosures who have been asking for hard evidence to substantiate his claims.

It is not unprecedented for official documents concerning UFOs/extraterrestrial life to be released in a trickle to the public. This previously occurred with the “Majestic Documents,” beginning in the 1980’s, which were released by “White Hats” in the CIA and others in the U.S. national security apparatus to UFO/exopolitics researchers.

The Majestic Documents were released over an approximate twenty year period starting from 1984. They have been investigated by leading UFO researchers such as Dr Robert Wood, who has used rigorous document verification techniques to confirm their authenticity.

The Majestic Documents have cast light on many dark corners of the highly classified world of extraterrestrial life and advanced technologies. The release of the Majestic Documents are an example of how the release of even a trickle of documents can help enormously in preparing the public for the truth.

Given the high risks involved in waiting for a catalyzing event for full disclosure to occur, it would be wise to begin the document dump process as soon as possible in 2016, with a trickle that can be easily accelerated as the general public becomes more receptive to learning the truth about secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.  

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  • ExopoliticsHungary


    Michael Salla has multiple great points in this article. We strongly support his initiative.

    If time is given to the Cabal, they will use it. On the other hand, from Cobra’s intels (2012portal.blogspot.com) we know that certain etheric weapons still have to be dealt with before a global change.

    It is also a great point that this “financial reset” initiative might just be a “bread and circuses” trick, giving false hope for very many alternative truth-seekers (truthers), just to have major portions of them then become hopelessly and powerlessly disappointed and desparate when it turns out that the Rotschilds and other Raptilian-souled families just moved to the East, became the East. The theater (some other guys will save you all) goes on while the important work is done in the background.

    This way, although BRICS is presented to us as the saviour from the Cabal, it might be infiltrated (or might be that way planned from the beginning) and might just be a diversion of power, or at least a diversion of a way of thinking (being puppets). The new Asian financial institutions are employing key personnel and financial methods from the Cabal’s financial structures, which means that they are building up a really not that different system.
    This could corroborate the notion that this whole thing is just a diversion of power, maybe some things different, like more openness about certain topics of life (ETs, green energy, peaceful politi-economic cooperation), but major things: the same.

    The new-Eastern dominance is still fossil fuels based and arms based, China is a capitalist-communist dictatorship. They conflicting interests against ufo disclosure and most importantly, what it would bring: free energy and higher levels of mass consciousness.

    The financial structure, being it the monoculture of a single currency (search for monetary expert Bernard Lietaer for info on this, who is one of the fathers of the ECU, the predecessor of the euro), is also the same. The political structures are also mostly based on Western (Cabal) ways. There isn’t that much of a structural difference.
    Until we use a single currency, it is still a single currency, a monoculture, that centralizes and concentrates power, be it either private or state power. As agricultural monocultures are devastating for the natural ahd numan ecology and in ecovillages it has been shown for decades how conscious ecosystems can be more productive, so too in the financial system, a monetary ecology would be the solution, not the new monopoly of a new one-state or few-continents based single currency, even if it would be backed by gold or owned by the state. A portfolio of currencies, functionwide and locality-based, would be the solution.

    Benjamin Fulford also regularly writes about the Eastern Alliance, but he might be a double agent (we don’t know, we hope he isn’t), because deluding the masses in the myth of a (planetary or even exopolitical) saviour works just as well now as hundreds of years ago (it builds on our genetically built-in desire for an external messiah), while even more important correlations might still stay undisclosed.

    So there is really a need for us, average people to awaken our consciousness, to practice CE-5, to stop being greedy about free energy inventions and open source share it (as dr. Steven Greer also promotes it to be the best way, and actually the only working way), to not wait for an external messiah and really have a sharp eye and ask questions, such as Michael Salla shows us.

    There are already hundreds of thousands of pages out there already, so why not just start to cover them in the mainstream Eastern Alliance media? So many thousands of patents are legally withheld from Humanity, also, where would we be now if there had been a patent office at the Industrial Age?

    All the above written reflect just our opinion.


  • Lola


    Yes, completely with you on your balanced, realistic assessment. Assuming that the best minds (and hearts) in the universe are working on how to deliver full disclosure, full truth for humanity, certainly the SSP will seriously consider what you present here.

    Delaying full disclosure gives the Cabal precisely what they want – more time to create more control, more enslavement, and more ways to escape accountability for their crimes. They’ve kept the financial illusion going for years now in spite of the fact that their system has been collapsing exponentially.

    The reality is that most people are financially hurting a great deal right now. If a financial reset does in fact ease their lives, how inclined will they be rock the boat when the decision is finally made to data dump?

    Each day we remain without full disclosure simply perpetuates our inability to collectively take action to transform our world. A change in financial controllers, West to East, is just exchanging one illusion for another.

    The only real catalyst for change will come in the form of disclosure – knowledge that will expand our consciousness and thereby change the way we experience reality.

    But full disclosure must be done with information that’s understandable to the masses, authenticated by courageous experts and disseminated by “freedom” bloggers. The Cabal can only subvert so much, and with AI predicted probable futures, even they’re aware that probabilities remain probabilities until they manifest. Without the knowledge, we can have little or no effect on probabilities.

    If the data is indiscriminately dumped in one load for the masses to figure out for themselves, it will doom it to dismissal and obscurity — the Cabal’s work will already be done for them.

    The data has to be organized in such a way that the most important info is put out first and foremost. It needs to be analyzed, investigated and organized according to importance. That takes time. And for those of us on the ground, every day counts.

    One only has to look at 9/11 and see how long it’s taken for the truth to filter into mass awareness. 14 years. Even now, with hard undeniable physical proof, only a small portion of the population is aware of what really happened.

    To wait for a financial reset to be the sole catalyst for full disclosure seems short-sighted at best, and sabotage at worse. Truth is the catalyst.

    And I sure hope that the trickle makes its way to your inbox tomorrow, Dr. Salla.


  • edwardzeta


    The SSP Alliance should start releasing their planned data dumps now.
    They could start with the disclosure of their own existence.
    The SSP Alliance could even take it further by directly interacting with the surface population, aiding the financial reset and sharing technology freely with the Earth’s everyday regular people.


  • Lola


    Yay! Back up again. Jeez, was it something we said? 🙂


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