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UFO Crash Retrievals & Extraterrestrial Communications – Clifford Stone Interviews

On August 9, 2016, Corey Goode and David Wilcock discussed new video testimony of Clifford Stone regarding his 22 year military career in a highly classified program involving  UFO crash recoveries and extraterrestrial communications. The Cosmic Disclosure episode featured a recently recorded video interview with Stone that discussed how he was recruited into the covert […]

Insider Reveals More about Extraterrestrials working in Classified Programs

Emery Smith, a former US Air Force Surgical Assistant, has revealed more about his knowledge and face to face interactions with extraterrestrials he encountered while working on classified programs. He encountered the extraterrestrials at Kirtland Air Force Base, and other classified facilities in New Mexico such as White Sands and Dulce; along with Denver, Colorado […]

Extraterrestrials Working with Humans in USAF Classified Programs

Former U.S. Air Force surgical assistant, Emery Smith, dropped another bombshell in his latest interview on Cosmic Disclosure (Gaia TV) by revealing he often worked alongside extraterrestrials in a classified program located at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, from 1992 to 1995. In his interview with New York Times best-selling author David Wilcock, Smith […]

Security Protocols in Classified Extraterrestrial Projects

A former employee in a covert program has described the draconian security measures in place in extraterrestrial related projects, and the dire consequences for transgressing these. In the June 26 episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Emery Smith described what happened when he violated security protocols. In previous episodes of Cosmic Disclosure, Smith described his involvement in […]

Charles Hall, The Tall Whites and Richard Boylan

In a December 11, 2016 report, secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode described an announcement of the existence of Tall White extraterrestrials as an option being considered for a limited disclosure initiative orchestrated by the U.S. Air Force, Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. Goode said: Another potential plan that is in the […]

Repost – Exopolitics versus Exospin: A Response to Dr Steven Greer

[Originally published, May 2, 2006] In January 1994, I remember visiting the Jakarta office of Mr Irawan Abidin, the former Director of Foreign Information in the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I had just arrived from a two week field trip to the former Indonesian territory of East Timor researching alleged human rights abuses. I […]

Secret Space Programs, Sphere Being Alliance & Corey Goode Testimony

This webpage was created as a resource for those wishing to learn more about Corey Goode’s testimony about Secret Space Programs and the Sphere Being Alliance. Interviews and articles in each category are in chronological order, and will be regularly updated. Latest Updates March 5, 2019 – Alliance War Against Deep State – Major Updates […]

Kettler defends alien UFO war claims – Truth Teller or Disinformation Asset?

I recently wrote an article directly referring to John Kettler’s claims of a UFO war in Antarctica and the Pacific Ocean where a coalition of US led naval forces are battling hostile extraterrestrials. In it, I stated my reservations over his extraordinary claims, but did acknowledge one historic incident in 1947 where there did appear […]


Interview (July 2, 2015) Mars Defense Force: Defending Human Colonies – Interview Transcript (5600 words) Click here for Part 2 GalacticDiplomacy.com Interview (December 3, 2008) – Sacred Encounters at Lake Titicaca – An Interview With Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens (3000 words). Also published in UFO Digest Exopolitics Journal Interview (April 1, 2006) – “Command Sergeant Major […]

Exopolitics Comments

“Exopolitics Comments” are articles between 400 – 4000 words that address topical issues from an exopolitical perspective (for more recent articles click here) December 13, 2019 – USAF Secretary & Congressman want to Declassify Secret Space Programs – Exopolitics Comment 534 December 11, 2019 — Space Force is a Go as Congress Gives its Approval […]