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Tracking Past Life Memories to Find Space Ark Crews

After completing his mission to an underground spaceport in the Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee region, JP was taken back to a military base where he handed off the healing technology his team had been given to his superiors. He then underwent a decontamination process and was instructed to go to a particular room where he […]

US Army Insider Missions – Space Arks, Underground Cities & ET Contact – Book 8 in SSP Series

In July 2008, I received a phone call from a young man in his twenties who had just returned from Brazil where he had a contact experience with a human-looking group of extraterrestrials he referred to as ‘Nordics’. In the following 15 years, I took extensive notes and recorded many of our conversations about his […]

Gamma Brainwaves the key to Teleportation, fly-by-thought tech & Space Ark activation

Jean Charles Moyen is a filmmaker and former secret space program supersoldier with incredible teleportation abilities that have taken him to ancient Halls of Records and hidden Space Arks worldwide. He has provided compelling evidence for his claims in his documentary, Starseed Revelations 2, which documents how his teleportation abilities were scientifically tested and found […]

Orbs: Search for the Space Ark Crew – A Short Film

Many metallic orbs are increasingly being sighted around the world and have become a hot topic of mainstream media interest and scientific speculation. The small orbs are connected to Ancient Space Arks and Extraterrestrial Motherships, and are studying humanity and the planetary situation. The orbs are also searching for the space ark crews, whose giant […]

Orbs, Space Arks & Motherships – Why the Deep State Fears Them

In 2021, the first reports emerged of Space Arks activating with the arrival of fleets of Motherships from different extraterrestrial civilizations into our solar system. Multiple sources assert these Motherships are historically linked to Space Arks that have been hidden in underground and underwater locations on Earth, as well as on the moon and various […]

Remote Viewing the Atlantic Space Ark with Dick Allgire

Dick Allgire is a former professional news anchorman who, in 1997, got interested in remote viewing projects using blind scientific protocols that would eliminate front loading. He subsequently trained with military-grade instructors such as Glen Wheaton (US Army Special Forces) and has ever since been conducting remote viewing projects involving various targets. He eventually created […]

Remote Viewing Experiment of Atlantic Space Ark

Last night, I participated in a debriefing with a team of four remote viewers associated with the Cryptoviewing project created by Dick Allgire out of Honolulu, Hawaii. The veteran team had just completed a double-blind remote viewing session of an alphanumeric target which I had specifically chosen. The target was the space ark at the […]

2 Days to The BIG Rediscovery Plan Webinar – UFO Shootdowns & Space Ark Probes

Photographs of the three UFOs shot down by NORAD have been classified for national security reasons, according to a Pentagon spokesperson who responded to a March 27th  media request for images of the crashed UFOs. This marks the first time NORAD has taken such drastic action in the US. Many are speculating about why the […]

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